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Jeep Avenger review - Interior, design and technology

The Jeep Avenger could be sold on looks alone, and features iconic Jeep design cues and ‘easter eggs’ young buyers will lap up

Overall Auto Express Rating

4.0 out of 5

Interior, design and technology Rating

4.3 out of 5

£23,390 to £39,600
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The design team’s brief for the Avenger was to fit “100 per cent of the brand DNA into four metres”, and frankly they nailed it – even from a 100 feet away, you know this is a Jeep. While other small electric SUVs feature curvaceous bodywork or a swooping roofline, either to look futuristic or help with aerodynamics and range, the Avenger has an unashamedly chunky and squared-off shape with a wide, planted-looking stance to give it more attitude.

At the front is an evolution of Jeep’s iconic seven-slot grille, and overall the Avenger does have a slightly aggressive face. But because of just how small it is, it reminds us of a puppy that enjoys growling at the postman in the morning.

 There’s extensive cladding along the side of the car and the wheelarches, which give it an essence of off-roader, and are more resistant to knocks and scuffs than painted bumpers and side skirts, according to Jeep. The rear is very simple, with more black plastic and tail-lights with an X-shaped motif.

Jeep has also hidden lots of ‘easter eggs’ around the Avenger, including lots more seven-slot-grille motifs on the rims and front air intake, and a small illustration of the designer's son looking through a telescope at the stars in the corner of the windscreen.

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Inside, the cabin is very logical, with big, chunky physical buttons on the dashboard, steering wheel and centre console, and everything feels very solid. The one element we’re not too fond of is the interior light controls on the roof, as the unit looks like it came from the decade-old Fiat Panda.

There also seems to be more hard black plastic in the Avenger’s interior than soft-touch materials. To some this will feel like a sign of cost-cutting, but to us it gives the impression that the Avenger will be rugged and hard-wearing, and will hold up to anything you might throw at it. We also like that the Avenger we drove featured an off-white headliner, which contributes to the cabin’s airy quality in the front. 

There are lots of paint colours for buyers to choose from, including two-tone schemes like the Sun yellow and Volcano black roof of our test car. Opting for this particular combo also gives you the option of a yellow dashboard, which brightens up the cabin. However, you have to go for the yellow and black paint, and top-spec Summit trim, in order to unlock it as an option, which is a shame because we bet lots of customers would pay to inject a bit more colour into the already quite funky cabin.

Thankfully, Jeep offers plenty of other accessories to help distinguish your Avenger from the rest, including graphics for the bonnet and grille, and 18-inch wheels with blue accents, along with the usual assortment of roof racks and rubber mats for the boot and footwells for more outdoorsy owners.

Sat-nav, stereo and infotainment

The Avenger’s infotainment system is a big improvement on older Jeep tech. At 10.25 inches, the screen is a good size, and it’s responsive. Standard-fit wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ensure connectivity is on point, too. Thankfully, the climate controls sit on a row of piano-style buttons on the centre console, just above the large storage cubby, alongside a volume dial. There are also physical ‘home’ and ‘settings’ buttons located just below the touchscreen, however, they’re small and not illuminated, so it may take a while to develop the muscle memory required to find these at night.

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