Mercedes E63 AMG

Performance boost makes the range-toppng Mercedes E-Class saloon one of fastest cars on road

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It’s easy to question the merit of super-saloons such as the E63 AMG. But even though it’s ludicrously fast, this new Mercedes feels extremely special to drive, regardless of the speed you’re travelling at and the road conditions. Interior quality is first-rate, and the car does at least offer a nod to the environment – with surprisingly strong fuel efficiency figures and low emissions considering the performance on offer.

It’s best to let the numbers do the talking when describing how fast Mercedes’ new E63 AMG is…
The super-saloon features a revised 5.5-litre V8 turbocharged engine (which replaces the firm’s naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V8), and produces a huge 518bhp.
Eagle-eyed readers may notice this figure is identical to that of the original 6.2-litre engine – but the story doesn’t end there. For those who want the very best, AMG also offers a Performance Pack, which ups turbo boost by 0.3-bar and helps the car deliver 550bhp.
On top of that, standard cars provide 699Nm of torque, while those with the Performance Pack option offer 800Nm.
No wonder, then, that when you press the throttle, it’s a truly mind-altering experience. The E63 is capable of sprinting from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds, and goes on to a top speed 186mph. That not only makes it one of the fastest AMG models Mercedes produces; it’s also one of the quickest cars money can buy.
To get the most out of it, you need to select the Sport+ driving mode. The system also offers Comfort and Normal settings, which soften or sharpen the experience accordingly. And 
they do make a difference to the smoothness of the ride, as well as the throttle response. Select Comfort, and the car feels relaxed. In Sport+ mode, it’s ready for the race track. 
The electronically controlled suspension is revised, and takes some parts from the set-up in the CLS 63, while upgrades to the gearbox provide even faster shifts.
Also new is the steering, which is more direct and gives accurate feedback, while the AMG-trimmed wheel feels solid. Add powerful brakes, and the driving experience is every bit as exciting as anything on offer from a ‘real’ sports car.
But the best thing about the E63 is its wide-ranging character – a mix of pace and practicality. As a day-to-day supercar, few rivals come close.

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