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Big Christmas Car Quiz 2022: page 2

Test your motoring knowledge with part two of our Christmas quiz...

Christmas quiz 2022

Below you'll find part two of the Big Christmas Car Quiz. Good luck...

Motoring firsts

Recognising the pioneers from the 19th and 20th centuries

51. The 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire is credited as being the first production car to feature which piece of automotive tech?

  • a. Electric sunroof
  • b. Heated rear windscreen 
  • c. Turbocharger
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52. Walter Arnold became the first British driver to be charged with breaking the speed limit in 1896. How fast was he going?

  • a. 34mph in a 30mph zone 
  • b. 8mph in a 2mph zone
  • c. 61mph in a 20mph zone

53. Alfred Vacheron introduced what now-common feature to automotive design in 1894?

  • a. Brake pedal
  • b. Windscreen wiper
  • c. Steering wheel 

54. Tesla’s first production car was built by which car maker? 

  • a. Fiat
  • b. Lotus
  • c. Hummer

55. The Reeves Pulley Company invented which piece of automotive tech in 1896?

  • a. CVT gearbox
  • b. Disc brake
  • c. Electric window

56. Chevrolet offered which creature comfort to customers for the first time in 1922?

  • a. Radio 
  • b. Massage seats
  • c. Telephone

57. The 1935 Citroen Rosalie and 1936 Mercedes 260 were the first production cars to introduce which new feature?

  • a. Cruise control
  • b. Diesel engine
  • c. Catalytic converter
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58. Anti-lock brakes were introduced for the first time in 1966. On which car were these available?

  • a. Ferrari Dino
  • b. Mini Cooper S
  • c. Jensen FF

59. In what year was the first Ford Model T produced?

  • a. 1908
  • b. 1886
  • c. 1901

60. The 1971 Mercury Monterey was the first car to be made available with which piece of safety kit?

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  • a. Airbag
  • b. Traction control
  • c. Seat belts

The answer is the question

We give you the answer – you work out the question

61. Lingotto

  • a. What was the surname of Ferrari’s first grand prix winner?
  • b. What was the Skoda Octavia originally badged?
  • c. What was the name of the Italian Fiat factory with a test track on the roof?

62. Z3

  • a. What was the first BMW ‘Bond’ Car?
  • b. What is the name of Elon Musk’s third child?
  • c. What was the first BMW to be officially sold in China?

63. Milan-Varese Autostrade dei Laghi

  • a. Where did Lamborghini famously test its cars?
  • b. What was the world’s first multi-lane road?
  • c. What road contains the most speed cameras?

64. Bobcat

  • a. What was the development name for the Ford Fiesta?
  • b. What nickname did Jenson Button give to his championship-winning Brawn F1 car? 
  • c. What was Jaguar formerly known as?
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65. 1995

  • a. When did Volkswagen register the Passat name?
  • b. In what year was Nigel Mansell voted Rear of the Year? 
  • c. What was the last year the name Autobianchi was seen on a production car?

66. Birmingham Small Arms

  • a. TVR started producing cars under what name in 1944?
  • b. What was the full name of the British manufacturer BSA?
  • c. What was the car factory called in TV’s Peaky Blinders?
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67. Normal

  • a. What was the car that preceded the Austin Standard model?
  • b. What the name of the car brand created by Norman Foster and Alain Prost? 
  • c. What is the town in Illinois, America in which Rivian builds its electric vehicles?

68. Grosvenor Square, London

  • a. Where was the location of the UK’s first parking meters, installed in 1958?
  • b. Where is the UK’s only 12-lane stretch of road?
  • c. Where is the location of the UK’s first quadruple yellow-line restrictions?

69. Acadiane

  • a. What was Citroen’s Dyane van called?
  • b. What was the Vauxhall Astra originally going to be called?
  • c. What’s the French term for a ‘frunk’?

70. Wolf

  • a. What animal was embossed on the seats of early BMW 3 Series models?
  • b. What animal featured on early Volkswagen Beetle badges?
  • c. A tame example of which animal famously roamed the Rover factory in Longbridge? 

Car people

Big names, big achievements – but can you remember who did what?

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71. What is Dianne Allen’s claim to automotive fame?

  • a. She designed the Nissan 350Z
  • b. She was the first woman to hold a Land Speed Record
  • c. She was the model for the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy
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72. Who drove the Buzz Wagon in the TV series Wacky Races?

  • a. Muttley
  • b. The Anthill Mob 
  • c. Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth

73. Who founded Toyota?

  • a. Kiichiro Toyoda
  • b. Soichiro Honda
  • c. Guy Kawasaki

74. “Nothing handles better than a rented car” is a quip from which US comedian? 

  • a. Larry David
  • b. PJ O’Rourke
  • c. Gene Wilder

75. Sir William Lyons founded which British car brand?

  • a. Jaguar
  • b. Rover
  • c. MG

76. Valentino Balboni was chief test driver for which Italian car brand?

  • a. Fiat
  • b. Maserati
  • c. Lamborghini

77. Which of the following brands has Bernd Pischetsrieder not been CEO of?

  • a. BMW
  • b. SEAT
  • c. Mercedes-Benz

78. Robert ‘RJ’ Scaringe founded which electric car company?

  • a. Rivian
  • b. Lucid
  • c. Nikola

79. How many Formula One world titles did Stirling Moss win?

  • a. Three
  • b. None
  • c. Two

80. What was car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro’s product called Marille?

  • a. A wheelbarrow
  • b. A pizza oven
  • c. A kind of pasta

Where in the world?

Auto landmarks from around the globe

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81. Where was the first official British Grand Prix held, in 1926?

  • a. Brands Hatch
  • b. Crystal Palace
  • c. Brooklands 

82. In what country was the current Land Speed Record set?

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  • a. USA
  • b. Chile
  • c. Namibia

83. Where would you find the Nardò Ring test track?

  • a. Germany
  • b. Peru
  • c. Italy

84. Zandvoort is a racing circuit in which country?

  • a. The Netherlands
  • b. Belgium
  • c. Luxembourg

85. In which country did the 2022 Dakar Rally start?

  • a. Chile
  • b. Saudi Arabia
  • c. Senegal

86. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was born in which country?

  • a. South Africa
  • b. USA
  • c. Canada

87. Where does Citroen build the Ami?

  • a. France
  • b. Poland
  • c. Morocco

88. Dacia hails from which European country?

  • a. Germany
  • b. Estonia
  • c. Romania

89. Where is the Fisker Ocean produced?

  • a. Graz, Austria
  • b. Fremont, California, USA
  • c. Barcelona, Spain

90. Which country will host the 2023 Geneva Motor Show?

  • a. Switzerland
  • b. Qatar
  • c. France

Spot the detail

Can you work out which cars feature in these close-up shots?


Christmas quiz detail 1


Christmas quiz detail 2


Christmas quiz detail 3


Christmas quiz detail 4


Christmas quiz detail 5


Christmas quiz detail 6


Christmas quiz detail 7


Christmas quiz detail 8


Christmas quiz detail 9


Christmas quiz detail 10

Now click here for the answers

Christmas car quiz archives

If you take the 2022 Christmas quiz and it somehow doesn’t fulfil your appetite for car trivia, there’s always the Auto Express Christmas quizzes from previous years to re-engage with (all questions and answers correct at the time of writing). 

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