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Big car quiz of the year 2018

How good is your car history? What about quirky motoring facts? Our brain-teasing quiz will test you to the limit

What happened in 2018

1. Which car was crowned Auto Express Car of the Year 2018?

SEAT AronaJaguar I-PaceFord Fiesta

2. Skoda announced that a fresh mid-size hatch will join its range in 2019. By what name will the newcomer go?

• Felicia• Scala• Souza

3. In October, Ford revealed that it was doing what with its GT supercar?

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• Adding a more affordable four-cylinder version• Building a four-door variant• Extending the production run by a further 350 examples

4. Earlier this year, MPs suggested that the ban on new diesel and petrol cars should be brought forward to what year?

• 2032• 2022• 2020 

5. Rolls-Royce joined the growing SUV market with what new model in 2018?

• Cullinan• Bentayga• Colossus

6. In September, the VW Group said that all its new electric models will be based on what all-new platform?


7. Vauxhall axed which model from its line-up earlier this year?

• Cascada• Astra• Insignia

8. Volkswagen announced that a new Grand California camper van would join the range next year.  On which van is it based?

• Caddy• Crafter• Transporter 

9. Which model did Fiat drop from its UK line-up after 13 years in 2018?

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• Stilo• Ulysse• Punto

10. WLTP – the new fuel consumption and emissions test regime – came into force in September. What does the acronym stand for?

• World Health Legislation Validated Test Process• Worldwide harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure• Weltmeisten Lichten von Triesta Produkten

Motoring pioneers

11. Who is credited with having invented the diesel engine?

• Karl Benz• Rudolf Diesel• David ‘Di’ Eselburger II 

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12. What was unusual about the engine fitted to the pioneering 1900 Lanchester?

• It required changing after every journey• It had two crankshafts that spun in opposite directions• It was made from porcelain 

13. Volkswagen’s first battery-powered Golf appeared in 1976. What was its name?

• Elektro-Golf• Sparki-Golf• Futuristischer Elektrischer Antrieb

14. The 1910 Prince Henry is widely regarded as the UK’s first-ever ‘sports’ car. Who sold it?

• Bentley• Daimler• Vauxhall

15. When did the first electrically powered taxi cab officially take to the streets in London?

• 2016• 1957• 1897 

16. Which of these is the oldest motorsport event, having first run in 1911?

• Goodwood Festival of Speed• Monte Carlo Rally• Le Mans 24 Hours

17. By 1920, the Ford Model T accounted for what percentage of cars on the road in America?

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• 12 per cent• 50 per cent• 90 per cent

18. Walter Arnold from East Peckham in London was the first British motorist to receive what?

• Speeding ticket• Fine for not paying the London Congestion Charge• Ban for drink-driving

19. Albert Durrant designed what pioneering form of London transport in 1935?

• Black cab• Routemaster bus• Cycle rickshaw

20. Where is the world’s first purpose-built racing circuit?

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• Brooklands, Surrey• Nürburgring, Germany• Reims, France

Motoring icons

21. The Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet mascot was modelled on whom?

• Eleanor Thornton• Tracy Cadbury• Brigitte Nestlé 

22. Triumph Cars is owned by which motoring giant?

• Tata Group• PSA• BMW Group 

23. Legendary car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro turned his hand to what product in the mid eighties?

• Chairs – he created the famous Mastermind seat• Computers – he was responsible for the first Apple Macintosh• Pasta – he created the Marille shape

24. Standard Oil of New Jersey is known as which petrol brand?

• ESSO• Texaco• Q8 

25. Which animal appears in logos used by Ferrari, Ford and Porsche?

• Snake• Stag• Horse 

26. The Ectomobile that featured in the classic movie Ghostbusters is based on which car?

• A 1959 Cadillac Superior ambulance• A 1975 Excelsior Cadillac hearse• A 1981 Citroen CX Familiale

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27. Lotus designer Ron Hickman created which of these products?

• The Sony Walkman• The Black and Decker Workmate• The Barcelona chair 

28. What is the origin of the name Abarth, as seen on Fiat’s performance models?

• It’s taken from the firm’s founder, Carlo Abarth• Htraba (Abarth spelled backwards) was the birthplace of Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli• It’s an anagram of the words hat and bra – Fiat’s first products 

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29. Who is credited with designing the car that was known internally as ‘Tipo 829’?

• Peter Stevens – the McLaren F1• Marcello Gandini – the Lancia Stratos• Dante Giacosa – the Fiat 500 

30. How many generations of Ford Mustang have there been?

• Four• Six• Eight

Motoring - the big numbers

31. How many Model Ts did Ford build during the vehicle’s 19-year production run between the years 1908 and 1927?

• 5 million• 15 million• 50 million 

32. Averaged out, how many new cars were registered in the UK every day in 2017?

• 6,960.6• 405.2• 1,066.1

33. For how much did BMW sell Rover in 2000?

• £10• £10million• £1billion 

34. How many tonnes of asphalt went into building the M25 motorway around London?

• 1.2 million• 3.5 million• More than 1 billion

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35. Ford sold Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to Tata Motors for which sum in 2008?

• $2.3million• $230million• $2.3billion 

36. When it was established in 1926, how long was the original Route 66 in the US?

• 2,448 miles• 3,944 miles• 5,222 miles 

37. The Ford Fiesta topped the new car sales charts last year. How many were registered in total?

• 44,654• 66,122• 94,533

38. How many plug-in and hybrid cars were registered in the UK during October 2018?

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• 83• 1,766• 10,597

39. In 1998, which model recorded a new production car speed record at the Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany, hitting 240.1mph?

• McLaren F1• Bugatti EB110• Ferrari F50

40. In August this year, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold at a US auction for which astronomical sum?

• $12.1million• $23.2million• $48.4million

Banned on the run

41. What does the DVLA issue a list of twice a year?

• Banned rude number plates• MoT failures banned from the road• The number of motorists banned from driving

42. In 1976, the BBC banned transmission of most rounds of the F1 season for which bizarre reason?

• The Surtees team was sponsored by condom brand Durex• The start of the races clashed with Songs of Praise every Sunday• BBC policy meant only quiet sports could be televised on a Sunday

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43. Why did the ASA ban a Ford Mustang ad in the UK?

• It encouraged unsafe driving• It questioned climate change• It was too scary for children 

44. According to an RAC report, men are how many times more likely to be banned for dangerous driving than women?

• Twice as likely• Four times more likely• Six times more likely

45. What is the legal alcohol limit in England and Wales?

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• 15 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath• 35 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath• 75 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath

46. Which piece of in-car gadgetry is banned in many EU countries?

• Speed camera detector• Reversing camera• Adaptive cruise control

47. Until June, learner drivers were banned from which roads?

• Unlit A-roads• Motorways• Single-track roads

48. An Alabama (US) motoring law specifically outlaws which act?

• Driving blindfolded• Driving with earplugs• Sneezing at the wheel 

49. Which category of World Rallying was banned at the end of 1986 following multiple fatalities?

• Group A• Group B• Group D

50. When was using a mobile at the wheel made illegal?

• 2011• 1992• 2003

On the telly

51. What car maker used the phrase “Hand-built by robots” in its eighties ad campaigns?

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• Audi• Fiat• Saab

52. A Peugeot 403 Cabriolet was the chosen steed of which television detective?

• Frank Drebin• Lt Columbo• Hercule Poirot

53. In the TV cartoon series Wacky Races, who drove the Compact Pussycat?

• Professor Pat Pending• Gruesome Twosome• Penelope Pitstop 

54. In the TV Scandi-drama The Bridge, troubled detective Saga Norén drove which car?

• 1977 Porsche 911• 1982 Volvo 760 Estate• 1990 Saab 900 Convertible

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55. In the 2018 TV series Five Go Rallying, pop pairing Martin and Shirley Kemp had to abandon their first car after rolling it. Which car were they in?

• 1960 Morris Minor• 1972 Mini• 1978 MGB GT

56. What were the first and last modes of transport shown in Honda’s Impossible Dream advert?

• Monkey Bike and hot air balloon• C90 Cub and Grand Prix car• Civic and NSX

57. The Canyonero is a car seen in which American TV series?

• Friends• Seinfeld• The Simpsons

58. In the hit US TV show Breaking Bad, which car does Walter White drive?

• Pontiac Aztek• Pontiac Firebird Trans Am• Pontiac Fiero Sport Coupe 

59. Which car did James Bond drive in the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me?

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• Aston Martin DB5• Lotus Esprit• BMW 2002

60. What car company used the tag line “Ask before you borrow it” for a 1995 advertising campaign?

• BMW• Nissan• Daewoo

Where in the world?

61. By what name is the Italian motorway network called?

• Autostrada• Drivafasta• Speediamo

62.  Jaguar sold the E-Type under what name in the US?

• XKE• Yee-Type• Cat Coupe

63. How many miles of motorway are there in Iceland?

• 0• 1• 152

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64. Bowling Green, US is the birthplace of what American motoring icon?

• Ford Mustang• Chevrolet Corvette• Dodge Viper

65. Dena, Haima S7 and Runna are cars manufactured in which country?

• Russia• Bulgaria• Iran

66. Kei class cars are traditionally associated with which country?

• South Korea• Japan• Thailand

67. Which car company has its factory in Normal, Illinois?

• Tesla• Rivian• Faraday Future

68. At which maximum speed can you drive on a stretch of Texas State Highway 130 in the US?

• 55mph• 85mph• 100mph

69. If you were to find yourself on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which country would you be in?

• Germany• Austria• Switzerland

70. The Öresund Bridge links which two countries?

• Denmark and Norway• Finland and Estonia• Sweden and Denmark

Sporting chance

71. Which popular racing championship celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018?

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• British GT Championship• British Touring Car Championship• Ford Capri Challenge 

72. In Formula One, who announced that he was leaving the Red Bull Team for Renault in 2019?

• Daniel Ricciardo• Max Verstappen• Brendon Hartley

73. Which controversial safety feature was introduced at the start of the 2018 Formula One season?

• Indicators• Halo cockpit protector• Pedestrian airbags

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74. In MotoGP, former world champion Jorge Lorenzo announced that he would join which team for 2019?

• Yamaha• Honda• KTM

75. What was unusual about the 2018 British MotoGP race?

• It was delayed by 24 hours after the surface melted• It didn’t take place due to heavy rain• The course was reversed 

76. Citroen dropped which British star from its WRC rally team after a troublesome start to the 2018 season?

• Matthew Wilson• Kris Meeke• Elfyn Evans

77. Who was crowned Formula E world champion in July?

• Jean-Eric Vergne• Felix Rosenqvist• Lucas di Grassi

78. How many laps did the victorious Toyota TS050 complete in the process of winning the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours?

• 388• 309• 412

79. For which team will ex-Formula One World Champion Kimi Raikkonen drive in the 2019 Formula One season?

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• Red Bull• Sauber• Haas

80. Who won the 2018 British Touring Car Championship title?

• Tom Ingram• Andrew Jordan• Colin Turkington

Sequential shift

Can you complete the sequences in these motoring lists?

81.  T-Cross, T-Roc, Tiguan…

(Clue: climbing the Wolfsburg SUV ladder)

• Tiguan Allspace• Amarok• Passat

82. Australian, Bahrain, Chinese…

(Clue: Fast fellas racing around the world)

• Spanish• Azerbaijan• Russian

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83. Volvo XC90, Jaguar F-Pace, Land Rover Discovery

(Clue: our star cars)

• Jaguar I-Pace• Skoda KodiaqPeugeot 3008

84. Red, red and amber, green…

(Clue: follow the sequence to stay safe)

• Green and amber• Red and amber• Amber

85. Sebastien Ogier, Sebastien Ogier, Sebastien Ogier…

(Clue: rally good driver)

• Sebastian Ogier• Ott Tanak• Thierry Neuville 

86. 718, Macan, Cayenne…

(Clue: rising porker prices)

• 911• Panamera• Mission E

87. 1, 12, 4…

(Clue: Raging bull motor fires up)

• 9• 3• 2

88. Corley, Hilton Park, Stafford…

(Clue: take a break heading North)

• Knutsford• Keele• Tebay

89. General Motors, Romano Artioli, Proton…

(Clue: key masters at Norfolk’s finest)

• Geely• Ford• Tata

90. Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore, Farrah Fawcett…

(Clue: car caper cast)

• Dean Martin• Sammy Davis Jr• Dom DeLuise

Spot the detail 

Can you identify all these new cars from their photos?











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