Porsche 911

Porsche's GT2 is the ultimate 911

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5.0 out of 5

The GT2 is a racing car for the road. Yet Porsche has managed to ensure it is not only great fun to drive, but also surprisingly reassuring. With such massive performance available from the turbocharged engine, the throttle demands respect, although that doesn’t mean this 911 is intimidating. Wide tyres at the rear offer masses of grip, while the steering is incredibly accurate. A smooth-acting traction control system provides a further safety net, particularly in lower gears. Frankly, we can think of few more capable road cars.

it’s the ultimate Porsche 911. Lighter, more powerful and even faster than the standard Turbo model on which it’s based, the stunning GT2 is about to change the way the world thinks about high-performance cars.

And Auto Express was first behind the wheel of the newcomer, which offers 530bhp from its 3.6-litre twin-turbo engine – as well as a 0-60mph sprint time of only 3.7 seconds.

Top speed is 204mph, but thanks to a series of aerodynamic and suspension modifications, Porsche is now claiming that the car will be among the most stable it has ever developed, particularly at cruising speeds.

Weighing only 1,440kg – that’s 145kg lighter than the entry-level ver- sion of the Turbo – the GT2 features a number of unique adjustments to improve its straight-line pace and res­ponsiveness. Yet unlike some high-performance specials, there’s no mis­taking this version for the standard model. As well as a distinctive rear wing, it gets special front and back bumpers to improve cooling.

Inside, there’s a choice of two different interiors. The first offers luxurious trim including Alcantara headlining and leather seats, while the second is competition-inspired, with the cabin stripped out to save weight.

Our model had the latter option, with figure-hugging race seats, plus a roll cage. The set-up is uncompromising, but is still comfortable, and ensures the driver is safely secured behind the wheel. Radical changes have also been made under the skin, with the GT2 ditching the 4WD found in the standard Turbo in favour of a rear-wheel-drive layout.

To compensate for its huge power output, the Porsche has 325-section tyres at the back. These are some of the largest fitted to a road car, but are not the only distinctive feature. The GT2 is the first non-racing model to boast a titanium exhaust system – which is not only much lighter than standard, but more resilient, too.

On the move, the GT2 provides simply staggering pace, particularly in third and fourth gears, so overtaking is easy. Steering feel is first rate, too, helped by the fact that the comparatively narrow front tyres offer a delicate grip on the road.

Performance through the gears is devastating, and will leave you in no doubt that the top speed of 204mph is easily accessible. With 680Nm of torque, the car’s pace barely tails off as you work through the gears. Such speed comes at a high price, though – when the GT2 goes on sale in Feb­ruary, it will cost £131,070.

Rival: Ferrari F430 Scuderia Developed with the help of Michael Schumacher, the F430 Scuderia is Ferrari’s answer to the 911 GT2. Its high-revving, mid-mounted V8 and unmistakable exhaust note provide it with plenty of character, but it doesn’t have the 911’s supremely balanced feel.

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