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What are green parts and why do they matter?

Green parts offer a great way of helping the environment while also saving you and your customers money

You might have heard the term ‘green parts’ relating to car components before. But what does this actually mean, and why are they something you should consider for your firm? With some help from, we’re here to take you through it.

What are green parts?

When a car reaches the end of its life, it's usually full of perfectly useable parts in great condition that could be used for many years to come. By taking out such components and giving them a second life in other vehicles, they become ‘green parts’.

According to government guidance, authorised dismantlers should target an average of 85 per cent recycling by weight for every end-of-life vehicle, a key part of which is the recovery of green parts. 

Mechanic dismantling car

The repair of vehicles using recycled car parts is nothing new, but as we all seek to do our part to build a more sustainable future, interest in green parts is growing, both for businesses and consumers. According to research by MediaCom, more than half of drivers surveyed would be “likely” to opt for a green part over new. 

The benefits of green parts

As for one of the biggest plus points of green parts, the clue is in the name. For every part recycled from an end-of-life car, there's one less that needs to be produced from scratch, using up resources and generating significant CO2 emissions from its manufacture and transportation. 

Next, we have to think about money. OEM green parts can cost anything up to 70 per cent less than the brand new equivalent, providing savings for you that could also benefit the customer. 71 per cent of those polled by MediaCom said they’d consider going for a green part in order to save money. 

Finally, there’s availability to consider. With supply chain issues remaining problematic, green parts can often offer a much faster way to get hold of a component needed by a customer, reducing key to key times. 

Buy with confidence

While the advantages of using green parts are undeniable, it’s vital that only reputable suppliers are used for the sake of safety and reliability. By purchasing from, a platform made solely with garages in mind, you can buy with confidence, as only vehicle recyclers certified by the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association (VRA) can trade there. 

Car parts on shelf

The VRA is a non-profit trade body representing UK and Republic of Ireland-based vehicle recyclers for the best part of 80 years. A VRAC (Vehicle Recyclers’ Association Certification) ensures that a seller complies with the UK’s standards for parts taken from end-of-life vehicles.

What’s more, all recycled bodywork and mechanical parts purchased through are supplied with a warranty, and 90 per cent of products are available with next-day delivery. Detailed images and a condition grading system means you can be sure about what you’re buying, and so you get a sense of how much of a difference you’re making environmentally, there’s a handy carbon calculator to work out your company’s CO2 emission savings. 

Is it time you considered green parts? 

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