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Volkswagen T-Roc review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Latest VW engines are strong all-rounders offering refinement, performance and decent running costs

List prices for the T-Roc range from around £19,500 to nearly £34,000. This means the T-Roc carries a premium of around £3,000 over an equivalent Golf - that's a pretty decent markup for VW, considering both cars are largely identical under the sheet metal.

Everyday running costs start with annual road tax of £140 across the board, and the T-Roc R is likely to be the same.

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The T-Roc has now been tested under the latest WLTP test regime, and the results are interesting when comparing petrol and diesel side-by-side. At the entry point to the range, the 1.0 TSI 115PS engine manages a best combined economy figure of 44.8mpg, but the 1.5 TSI Evo with cylinder deactivation has a claimed best of 44.1mpg. Add the DSG auto and this reduces slightly to 42.2mpg, while adding 4MOTION four-wheel drive drops this to 34.9mpg. That's only slightly better than the 2.0 TSI 190PS petrol, which returns 34.4mpg.

In comparison, the 1.6 TDI now returns 51.4mpg - only 6.6mpg better than the 1.0 TSI petrol - while the 2.0 TDI manages 50.4mpg. Again, adding a DSG auto and 4MOTION has a negative impact, with figures of 49.6mpg and 46.3mpg respectively.

Emissions range from 115g/km to 155g/km, with the petrol and diesel engines offering similar CO2 outputs. Fitting bigger wheels to any model has an impact on fuel economy and emissions, so it's worth checking exact emissions figures if you're looking at a T-Roc as a company car.

Insurance groups

Insurance groups range from 11 for the 1.0 TSI S to 23 for the 190PS 2.0 TSI petrol, with the diesel models somewhere in between. These figures are actually on a par with the Golf, and also similar to the Audi Q2.


The combination of being a small SUV and VW means the T-Roc is a pretty good performer for depreciation. Buy one, and expect to get around 50-55 per cent of your cash back when you sell after three years. That's very slightly ahead of the Audi Q2, but not quite as good as a MINI Countryman.


Which Is Best


  • Name
    1.0 TSI S 5dr
  • Gearbox type
  • Price

Most Economical

  • Name
    1.6 TDI SE 5dr
  • Gearbox type
  • Price


  • Name
    2.0 TSI R 4MOTION 5dr DSG
  • Gearbox type
  • Price

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