BMW 7 Series - most comfortable cars

The BMW 7 Series offers supreme comfort across its model range and pushes the Mercedes S-Class harder than ever

Okay, so the huge grille might not be to everyone’s taste but as long as you’re driving or, more likely, being chauffeured in the current 7 Series you can’t see it and you can focus on enjoying the opulent interior and magnificent ride.

BMW offers gesture control which was an new innovative feature when the current 7 Series was released and allows drivers to control parts of the infotainment with simple hand gestures. For ultimate comfort, there’s a Rear Seat Comfort Plus Package which adds reclining airline-style seats and a centre console. 

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There's plenty of tech under the skin, too, with carbon fibre in its construction that's designed to keep the weight down, so the 7 Series is a luxury limo that likes to be driven briskly, even if other occupants aren't keen on enthusiastic cornering.

If you're in a hurry, the V12-powered 760Li has an outrageous amount of power, although speccing it in Exclusive trim gives it a look that's as subtle as the 725d that costs half the price. It's a real Q-car, and with a 0-60mph time of 3.7 seconds, it'll see off plenty of supposed supercars. 

Most comfortable cars on sale



    1. 1. Mercedes S-Class
    2. 2. Rolls-Royce Phantom
    3. 3. Range Rover
    4. 4. BMW 7 Series
    5. 5. Bentley Mulsanne
    6. 6. Audi A8
    7. 7. BMW 5 Series
    8. 8. Bentley Bentayga
    9. 9. Audi Q7
    10. 10. Mercedes E-Class

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