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Ford Focus RS vs Volkswagen Golf R drag race

The ultimate 4WD hot hatchbacks face off against each other on the drag strip

When the Volkswagen Golf R was introduced, we were amazed by its combination of understated looks, 4WD grip, and a colossal 296bhp from its 2.0-litre engine. Then the Ford Focus RS came along a couple of years later and upped the stakes with a similar 4WD powertrain, but 345bhp and bold styling that could have come straight off the shelves of Halfords.

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Appearances aside, both of these are true mega-hatches offering barnstorming performance for a bargain price – with enough practicality to be used as family runabouts. The Focus RS offers up far more power and torque than the Golf R, but the Volkswagen is the lighter car, and in a drag race, that can make all the difference. Which one will be triumphant? Check out the video to see…

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