New Maserati Quattroporte luxury four-door electric car now due in 2028

The all-electric saloon has been delayed while Maserati claims it’s still “committed 100%” to electrification

Maserati Quattroporte - front (watermarked)

Maserati’s electrification plans appear to have taken a hit. The firm’s plans to launch an all-electric replacement for the Quattroporte have been delayed until 2028. The Maserati Quattroporte EV was initially thought to be ready to hit showrooms by 2025 but luxury car buyers now have a longer wait on their hands. 

The electric Quattroporte, which could utilise the ‘Folgore’ name like the Grecale and GranTurismo before it, will be the Italian firm’s first EV-only model when it launches. Preceding it will be a further two new EVs, with Maserati stating that:  “The road to electrification will continue with the new MC20 Folgore in 2025, a brand-new large E-SUV BEV in 2027, and the next generation of Quattroporte BEV in 2028.”

This contradicts Bernard Loire, Maserati Chief Commercial Officer, who spoke to Auto Express back in Autumn 2023, “You’ll see the first electric-only Maserati in 2025 with a new Quattroporte. You will see that it’s a real Maserati and a real Quattroporte.”

Auto Express expects the Quattroporte EV will be one of the first new models to make use of the advanced new Stellantis STLA range of platforms. In the case of the Quattroporte, it’s most likely to be the STLA Large platform with a reported range of around 500 miles.

The STLA Large platform will underpin a whole range of Stellantis products, from the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer S to sleek executive saloons like the Alfa Romeo Giulia EV and the Quattroporte. The platform will be able to offer front, rear and all-wheel drive depending on the electric motor layout and accommodate a battery size of up to 118kWh. 

There’s even scope to offer internal-combustion engines with STLA Large, although this isn’t likely with Maserati’s “Dare Forward 2030” electrification programme, which means no new series production ICE Maseratis will be launched before 2030. 

Maserati is on a push to be parent company Stellantis’s luxury brand. As Loire explained at the firm’s new dealership opening in Hatfield, Hertfordshire in 2023: “Maserati is not aiming to be a volume brand. It's aiming to provide exceptional cars with a very high level of quality and also making profit for the company, which has not always been the case. 

“To do so, you don't need to talk to everyone, but you need to be a bit different. And you will see the Quattroporte, which will be a full electric car only, it's not going to look like an electric car at all – that's the route that we are choosing.”

Maserati Quattroporte badge

Loire also confirmed that the rest of the Maserati range will follow the Quattroporte in moving more upmarket. “There will be a move up,” said Loire. “Today we have the lower entry point to the brand and we will move slowly up by the launches of new product.

“We started already with MC20 and GranTurismo because those cars are quite high price, of course, and they are quite unique. Grecale is very good at getting new customers to the brand. Electrification is also an important way to bring new customers to the brand. We need to get the new audience in, but in the future we are very much seeing ourselves moving up to products like Quattroporte, Levante and the sports car. So really getting to the luxury world.”

“Of course Stellantis offers us an opportunity of getting access to technologies and that's extremely important when you know the investments that have to be made on the powertrains, on the batteries, on the software, et cetera,” said Loire. “For us it's a chance to have access to that. And yes, we will try to build our cars on the most common platform taken from Stellantis, but it has to be kept as a Maserati. 

“The way of managing platforms is more flexible than it used to be, so we can use different cars on the same platform. Of course, a Maserati has to always be a Maserati, so focused on the performance, on the driving pleasure, and on the design – there won't be a compromise on that.”

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