Renault Scenic (old)

Renault Scenic

Overall Average Rating - 76.68%Position in the Top 100 cars - 99th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 100thBuild Quality: 96thRunning Costs: 91stPerformance: 100thBraking: 97thRide Quality: 89thHandling: 100thPracticality: 22ndComfort: 79thEase of Driving: 93rd

Your Quotes

“The Scenic is a classic case of design over functionality. It's totally unreliable and has awesomely bad electrics and mechanicals - apart from the engine.”

Mr Andrew Stanistreet - Staffordshire

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“Good all-rounder - can be a car one minute or with the back seats removed, it can be a small van. Radio is not as good as car, though.”

Mr Ian Pinnock - Broadstone

“Two known faults, one fixed under warranty but failed again, the second appeared after the warranty ran out. :-( Otherwise it is the best car I've had. It does what it's meant to and nothing has been broken by the children yet.”

Mr David McLoughlin - Peterborough

“Its a family car purchased for safety and practicality. Performance was not required nor is it an issue. Great car for the kids, very safe.”

Mr Andrew Crook - Claygate

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“Two problems have occurred. (1) ignition coil failures, replaced by Renaut slightly OUT of warranty period. (2) Brake discs. Rears replaced at 36k miles, fronts will need changing at next service (around 42k). These parts are excessively dear. Only other minor fault (so far!) is boot release button on tailgate needs replacement. Otherwise, car is a super family car - and, especially important to us, we can carry two adult bikes INSIDE the car. Biggest problem to me is... it's French!!!”

Mr K Halton - Suffolk

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“Handy and practical for transporting family and all their related 'stuff'! That said, it's about as exciting to drive as, well, something not very exciting! Interior isn't up to the job though - bits coming loose and far greater wear & tear than I'd expect.”

Mr Roderick Cameron - Midlothian

“Excellent for families with small children. I've got a 5-, 3-year-old and 6-month-old and they all fit in. Take the seats out and it makes a great mini van too.”

Mr Ian Bishop-Laggett - Enfield

“Easy to drive, good driving position. Seats are a bit hard, rear seats most uncomfortable. Great lights, really bright, much better than our previous Sharan.”

Mrs Jenny Hinchcliffe - Essex

“Very unreliable, been through nine ignition coils, each set of four lasts approx 20,000 miles. Can break down at any time. New gearbox, diff, too many other parts replaced to mention.”

Mr Thomas Neill - Northern Ireland

“To much electronic gubbins to go wrong now.”

Mr Jamie Rowley - Essex

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 33rd)

Starting a double bill of French underachievement, Renault has finished just in front of its arch-rival Peugeot. Now joined in a technology-sharing alliance with Nissan, Renault bosses will be disappointed to have finished 11 places behind their Japanese partner. A more pressing concern is that a huge 19.2 per cent of Renault drivers say they wouldn'’t buy another –– a shocking statistic.

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