Alfa Romeo 156

Alfa Romeo 156

Overall Average Rating - 80.31%Position in the Top 100 cars - 89th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 93rdBuild Quality: 89thRunning Costs: 89thPerformance: 14thBraking: 98thRide Quality: 90thHandling: 36thPracticality: 92ndComfort: 56thEase of Driving: 46th

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“The 156 has great potential, but it's let down by reliability - and mostly with electrical problems. It feels like a 'fragile' car - not what it could be. Shame.”

Mr John Oakley - Lincoln

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“Great driver’s car, better to drive than my wife's BMW. However, the car is very expensive to run with high depreciation and fuel costs.”

Mr Paul Yallop - Worthing

“2.4 sportswagon lifestyle rather than loadstyle, accept that and it's a great car, smooth with loads of torque, good economy and performance. Slightly heavy on the front but doesn't affect handling, good visibility, powerful brakes. After eighty thousand miles a few body/trim rattles but the five cylinder engine is a delight. Looking forward to the next eighty thou!”

Mr Patrick Kenlock - Leeds

“Very happy I get the performance of a petrol sports car with the economy of a supermini.”

Mr Simon Weeks - Cheshire

“Brilliant driver’s car, a bit pricey on repairs after 3-4 years. ”

Mr Paul Gilpin - Somerset

“Styling and engine can't be faulted... and still on original clutch! Depreciation has been a killer, though I still love the car.”

Mr Richard Docketty - Woking

“Stylish car with excellent performance, if a little thirsty One problem is the petrol gauge which is absolutely useless.”

Mr Keith Bamford – South Glam

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 30th)

If there’'s one thing Alfa drivers have in common, it’'s concern for their car's’ reliability. The only firm with a worse record for problems and breakdowns is Renault. A worrying two-thirds of Alfa Romeo drivers have suffered a fault in the past three years. A quarter had electrical glitches, 17 per cent complained of suspension niggles, 11 per cent had engine trouble and 12 per cent gearbox and clutch woes.

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