SEAT Ibiza (new)

SEAT Ibiza

Overall Average Rating - 80.49%Position in the Top 100 cars - 87th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 64thBuild Quality: 78thRunning Costs: 33rdPerformance: 59thBraking: 79thRide Quality: 100thHandling: 59thPracticality: 88thComfort: 84thEase of Driving: 73rd

Your Quotes

“Excellent car all round, but it's let down by poor ride comfort and a few areas of cost-cutting. For example, my car doesn't have hi-fi controls on the steering wheel.”

Mr Nick Hull - Coventry

“Meets the requirements of a retired couple who use it mostly for pottery around, shopping and the occasional long drive. Compares favourably with other similar models.”

Constance Bowman - London

“Good little car, cheap to insure, central locking can annoy, no light in boot! Difficult to get in back, hard ride but totally reliable in last two years/12000 miles sporty ride, grips well, nice controls.”

Mr Damian Rafferty - Kent

“It's pretty good, largely reliable and cheap to own and run .. so long as I keep it to independent garages as the dealers charges are excessive eg £200 for a quick look over and oil change.”

Mr Andrew Cameron - Cheltenham

“Reliability is paramount, a Ferrari on the hard shoulder is not sexy! Does everything I thought it would, six speeds and a 1,000 revs equates to about 40mph; effortless cruising! Heater controls are a bit out of sight and for a top model in the Ibiza range, no boot light, really stingy.”

Mr Terry Hudson - Kent

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 19th)

Mid-table mediocrity –– it'’s hardly what SEAT bosses had been hoping for. Last year, the firm slipped three places down the chart, but we were looking on the bright side, expecting a rise in 2007 following the arrival of a raft of new models. Instead the VW-owned marque has dropped another two rungs. With sub-standard ratings across the board, you are finding SEAT ownership a bit underwhelming.

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