SEAT Mii review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Cheap running costs are guaranteed with the SEAT Mii, and depreciation isn't bad either

While the Mii is only available with petrol engines, its 1.0-litre, three cylinder unit is remarkable efficient.

The smallest 59bhp models offer a claimed average economy of 62.8mpg and emit just 105g/km of CO2, whilst the 74bhp version of the same 1.0-litre engine manages 60.1mpg, and kicks out 108g/km of CO2. 

The Mii Ecomotive is a variation on the SE trim-level that uses the 59bhp engine, and is the only model to squeeze under the 100g/km of CO2 threshold, thanks to its fuel-saving stop-start system and tiny weight-saving steel wheels. As a result, the Ecomotive returns a combined economy of 68.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 96g/km to make it the most efficient model in the range.

However, the Ecomotive's increased efficiency over the regular Mii SE seems pretty marginal given the low mileages most city cars run to, so it’s not necessarily the best buy from a purely economic perspective.

Other running costs such as insurance, parts and servicing should be minimal, which make the Mii is a perfect car for first-time buyers.

SEAT also offers a range of deals on the Mii, such as a free servicing and competitive finance rates, but it's a shame that entry-level cars are so poorly equipped.

Insurance groups

You can’t get cheaper insurance than group 1, which is the rating applied to the entry-level SEAT Mii. And you can’t get a higher rating in the Mii range than the group 4 applied to the Cosmopolitan range-topper – which means premiums will be low whatever model you choose.

The Hyundai i10 falls into the same 1-4 group bracket, but many city cars are a little more expensive to insure. 


Current predictions suggest the Mii FR Line model will be the best at holding its value on the used market, but all the Mii models should do comparatively well.

The FR could retain up to 52 per cent of its original purchase value after three years and 30,000 miles though, which would be a very creditable performance.

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