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Bentley Bentayga review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Most buyers won't be too bothered by 17mpg, but fuel range is an issue - that's where the diesel comes in

If you’re already considering forking out £161,375 on an SUV, it’s unlikely you’ll be put off by the Bentayga’s high running costs. The hefty 2,440kg kerbweight and mammoth 6.0-litre engine result in hefty 296g/km CO2 emissions, placing the car in the top tax bracket – which is just what buyers will expect.

If money is a concern – or, more likely, you reckon you may get annoyed by making regular visits to the filling station, then the Hybrid model is the best choice. Official combined figures are not available at present, but we expect the powertrain will make the most of its electrification to increase range. 

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On test, our Bentayga W12 managed only 17.5mpg. That’s not much worse than the 21.6mpg Bentley itself claims for economy on the combined test cycle, but most owners will accept that.

Regardless of which model you choose, the Bentley’s high list price makes it a pretty costly company vehicle, so limo and private hire firms will probably prefer the Audi Q7

Insurance groups

With its staggering performance, and a breath-taking price, you won’t be surprised to learn the Bentayga falls into the top Group 50 insurance category regardless of engine.


Strong demand and a long waiting list mean nearly new cars are currently selling at a premium, with First Edition versions advertised for nearly £300,000. We don’t expect it to beat the 44 to 47 per cent residual values that CAP predicts for a three-year-old, 30,000 mile Bentley Flying Spur saloon.

That means owners must expect to take quite a hit, but again that’s nothing out of the ordinary in the luxury sector. However, the bespoke nature of the Bentley brand means those owners lured into shelling out small fortunes for special interior trims, finishes and accessories could be faced with actual residual values far below those predicted for the standard model. 


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