BMW 2 Series : Prices & Specs

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is the car growing families looking for a premium badge have been waiting for

BMW 2 Series SE
218i SE 5drPetrol49.6131 g/km9.8127 mph140£27,390
218i [136] SE 5drPetrol9.8127 mph136£27,835
218i SE 5dr Step AutoPetrol52.3123 g/km9.8127 mph140£28,740
216d SE 5drDiesel68.9109 g/km11.8119 mph116£28,815
218i [136] SE 5dr Step AutoPetrol9.8127 mph136£29,185
218d SE 5drDiesel61.4120 g/km9.6129 mph150£30,090
216d SE 5dr Step AutoDiesel68.9107 g/km11.8119 mph116£30,165
218d SE 5dr Step AutoDiesel64.2117 g/km9.6129 mph150£31,690
BMW 2 Series Sport
218i Sport 5drPetrol49.6131 g/km9.8127 mph140£28,640
218i [136] Sport 5drPetrol9.8127 mph136£29,085
218i Sport 5dr Step AutoPetrol52.3123 g/km9.8127 mph140£29,990
216d Sport 5drDiesel68.9109 g/km11.8119 mph116£30,065
218i [136] Sport 5dr Step AutoPetrol9.8127 mph136£30,435
218d Sport 5drDiesel61.4120 g/km9.6129 mph150£31,340
216d Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel68.9107 g/km11.8119 mph116£31,415
220i Sport 5dr DCTPetrol49.6129 g/km7.8138 mph192£32,185
220i [178] Sport 5dr DCTPetrol7.7138 mph178£32,680
218d Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel64.2117 g/km9.6129 mph150£32,940
220d Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel62.8118 g/km8.2137 mph190£34,780
220d xDrive Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel57.6128 g/km8136 mph190£36,280
BMW 2 Series Luxury
218i Luxury 5drPetrol49.6131 g/km9.8127 mph140£29,390
218i [136] Luxury 5drPetrol9.8127 mph136£29,835
218i Luxury 5dr Step AutoPetrol52.3123 g/km9.8127 mph140£30,740
216d Luxury 5drDiesel68.9109 g/km11.8119 mph116£30,815
218i [136] Luxury 5dr Step AutoPetrol9.8127 mph136£31,185
218d Luxury 5drDiesel61.4120 g/km9.6129 mph150£32,090
216d Luxury 5dr Step AutoDiesel68.9107 g/km11.8119 mph116£32,165
220i Luxury 5dr DCTPetrol49.6129 g/km7.8138 mph192£32,935
218d Luxury 5dr Step AutoDiesel64.2117 g/km9.6129 mph150£33,690
220d Luxury 5dr Step AutoDiesel62.8118 g/km8.2137 mph190£35,530
220d xDrive Luxury 5dr Step AutoDiesel57.6128 g/km8136 mph190£37,030
BMW 2 Series M Sport
218i M Sport 5drPetrol48.7133 g/km9.8127 mph140£30,390
218i [136] M Sport 5drPetrol9.8127 mph136£30,835
218i M Sport 5dr Step AutoPetrol51.4125 g/km9.8127 mph140£31,740
216d M Sport 5drDiesel67.3111 g/km11.8119 mph116£31,815
218i [136] M Sport 5dr Step AutoPetrol9.8127 mph136£32,185
218d M Sport 5drDiesel60.1123 g/km9.6129 mph150£33,090
216d M Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel67.3110 g/km11.8119 mph116£33,165
220i M Sport 5dr DCTPetrol48.7131 g/km7.8138 mph192£33,935
218d M Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel62.8119 g/km9.6129 mph150£34,690
220d M Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel61.4120 g/km8.2137 mph190£36,530
220d xDrive M Sport 5dr Step AutoDiesel56.5131 g/km8136 mph190£38,030

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