Citroen Berlingo Multispace

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

Overall Average Rating - 84.02%Position in the Top 100 cars - 60th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 20thBuild Quality: 79thRunning Costs: 14thPerformance: 78thBraking: 94thRide Quality: 44thHandling: 94thPracticality: 2ndComfort: 75thEase of Driving: 58th

Your Quotes

“Superb value for money. The sliding passenger doors and large volume boot are great as well. Performance is quite good, too, considering it's only a van!”

Mr Robert Steel - Cleveland

“Does exactly as it says in the brochure, comfortable, fun to drive, economical and plenty of space.”

Mr Graham Brayne - Conway

“Despite some teething problems (that I actually blame on the incompetence of the garage, rather than the car) it's a fabulous car. The rear sliding doors are a godsend (as I have a disabled son that I need to lift in and out and a toddler too!) - also I wrote to Citroen earlier this year to commend them on their windscreen manufacture. We were stampeded by a herd of bulls - two of which actually climbed over my bonnet and windscreen - but the windscreen remained undamaged - saving me from a fate worse than death. I would definitely recommend this car for it's space, comfort, handling, rear doors and practicality - particularly as a family car. ”

Sarah-Jane Winridge-France – West Yorks

“Excellent - pity they stopped making it. It’s a Berlingo electrique, and if I could locate another we'd buy that and save even more money! Zero road tax, no MoT required, no oils, no filters, minimal break pads! Taking into account the cost per annum: £220 insurance, £45-£90 brushes, £20 for water £90 for a couple of tyres... and c £180 'fuel' for c10,000 miles. It costs less to run per year than many people pay just for insurance!”

Mr Tim Strutt - London

“Excellent occasional load carrier. Reasonably comfortable on long runs. Fuel economy could be better.”

Mr Ian Robertson - Lancs

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 23rd)

Wow! Citroen’'s in seventh heaven. While 23rd overall is hardly cause for celebration, a jump of seven places is a huge step in the right direction for the firm that found itself only seven steps from last place in 2006. Focusing its attention back on to producing design-led models that are genuinely desirable, it looks like things are on the up. However, there'’s still a long way to go...

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