Citroen Xsara Picasso

Citroen Xsara Picasso

Overall Average Rating - 83.12%Position in the Top 100 cars - 64th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 38thBuild Quality: 83rdRunning Costs: 28thPerformance: 84thBraking: 71stRide Quality: 52ndHandling: 97thPracticality: 7thComfort: 70thEase of Driving: 76th

Your Quotes

“Practical, comfy and roomy, but the transmission is poor and there is not enough power. The brakes lack feel, which can be disconcerting.”

Mr Stephen Debney - Essex

“Cheap and practical. Very comfortable and spacious.”

Mr Andrew Porter - Cottam

“Except for the fuel pump failure the car has had no problems in 25k miles (now at 55k miles), The car is comfortable to drive but a little slow to accelerate (2.0HDI). Looking at the 1.6HDI as a replacement. Currently getting 55mpg on my 80-mile round trip to work.”

Mr Martin Allen - Hants

“Highly practical and useful for elderly or disabled passengers with high seat access. Much easier to get in and out. The flexibility of the rear seats and differing combinations is great and opens to provide ample storage space for diy goods, holidays or fishing trips. Great economy with a powerful diesel engine. Haven't seen anything that comes near my requirements.”

Mr Graham Hartland - Birmingham

“It's a good family runabout. Cheap to buy, reasonable to run, but not fantastically well made. I've had four recalls for various things, a dashboard light went in the first six months (not covered by warranty!) and the various squeaks and rattles get on your nerves a bit. That said it was cheap (10K) when I bought it, and it's done the job - time for a change now though.”

Mr Huw Swayne - Ireland

“Car is fine apart from the enormous cost of spares and servicing. It has been in for two electrical faults both of which proved very difficult to identify and resulting in ridiculous labour charges. The radiator failed too which was disappointing. Generally a good concept with many sensible extras built in. Just let down by expensive failures.”

Mr Raymond Robins - West Midlands

“It's a young car to have the clutch problem has and I am not happy with the visibility when driving - the front supports obscure view”

Mr Patricia Young - Kent

“Very practical. Good family car. Let down by mediocre reliability.”

Mr James Armitage - Kenilworth

“Very pleased. It is practical, economical and comfortable. Pity there are no nearby Citroen dealers, although now it is out of warranty this doesn't matter as I get it serviced elsewhere.”

Mr Dave Renvoize - Herts

“Brilliant package, build quality could be better, handling could be better, engine fine for style of car. Pound for pound, the best car I've ever owned.”

Mr Derek Griffiths - Doncaster

“Lovely family car, been very impressed with it over the two years I have owned it.”

Peter Messer - Bath

“Very good for comfort, good on petrol, for size of car, overall could not ask for more.”

Mr Barry Allen - Leicstershire

“It's great! Does what I want of it all the time.”

Mr Dave Smith - Co Antrim

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 23rd)

Wow! Citroen’'s in seventh heaven. While 23rd overall is hardly cause for celebration, a jump of seven places is a huge step in the right direction for the firm that found itself only seven steps from last place in 2006. Focusing its attention back on to producing design-led models that are genuinely desirable, it looks like things are on the up. However, there’'s still a long way to go...

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