Mercedes E-Class (new)

Mercedes C-Class

Overall Average Rating - 88.1%Position in the Top 100 cars - 14th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 81stBuild Quality: 26thRunning Costs: 70thPerformance: 10thBraking: 4thRide Quality: 6thHandling: 46thPracticality: 26thComfort: 25thEase of Driving: 6th

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“For an estate, it is a really great car to drive - there's plenty of torque through the rev range. And I much prefer the handling to the BMW 525 Sport I used to have.”

Mr Patrick Bliss - Essex

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“A lovely car that I enjoy driving and gives me a buzz to own.”

Mr Richard Sagar - Worcester

“Main problem is offset pedals and uncomfortable seats plus the is the first company car that I have had that has had engine problems (four previous cars ie two Golf GTIs and two Audis were perfect). Economy not as good as expected and engine noisy when cold but pulling power/torque/acceleration great.”

Mr Philip Parr - East Sussex

“Very comfortable and quiet, surprisingly economical – 44mpg on motorways at constant 80 mph.”

Mr John Ballinger - Crewe

“For an estate it is a really great car to drive - plenty of torque through the range. I prefer the handling to the petrol BMW 525Sport I used to have. It simply goes where you point it.”

Mr Patrick Bliss - Essex

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“Excellent vehicle, quick, economical for it's size, pretty, very quiet, comfortable and safe.”

Mr Daniel Madsen – Stoke on Trent

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“It is an extremely comfortable cruiser. It is easy to drive and almost as economical to run as smaller cars I've owned. An example is that I get more mpg than I did in my Ford Mondeo.”

Mr Brian Tetley - Loughborough

“A beautiful car which is a joy to drive spoilt by a catalogue of problems undoubtedly caused by accountant driven economies on competent parts ranging from rear lamp assembly to front knuckle joints, alloy wheels and EMS etc.”

Mr Bill Floydd - Kent

“Reliability of electrics dire. Car nearly went on fire once due to wiring loom problem causing interior of car to fill with smoke. Numerous other niggling and recurrent electrical probs. Dynamics and performance of E320CDi engine very good. I would only consider buying another one because I have read that Mercedes have sorted out reliability issues with this car.”

Mr Tim Pearsons - Shropshire

“Good, but it should be at the price. UK dealers pretty hopeless, but good in France and Germany (surprise surprise).”

Mr Nick Grainger - Hampshire

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 13th)

A mixed bag of results for Mercedes reflects turbulent times. While its current crop of models challenge for class honours in nearly every area of the market, durability has been problematic in recent years – 27th out of 37 for reliability is not acceptable. And an unusually high proportion of almost 12 per cent of Merc owners said they wouldn’'t buy another model from the firm again.

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