Subaru Impreza (old)

Subaru Impreza

Overall Average Rating - 86.13%Position in the Top 100 cars - 33rd


If you have ever driven a 2.0-litre turbocharged Impreza, you’ll understand why it’s at the top of the performance chart. Opt for the standard WRX, and acceleration is impressive, but for the flagship STi it’s intergalactic! Thrust in any of the six gears is enough to send you spiralling towards the speed limit in seconds, and the flat-four engine loves to rev. Now replaced by a less charismatic 2.5-litre unit, the latest Impreza still offers mind-blowing performance.


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 13thBuild Quality: 43rdRunning Costs: 99thPerformance: 1stBraking: 20thRide Quality: 56thHandling: 3rdPracticality: 65thComfort: 45thEase of Driving: 37th

Your Quotes

“A terrific performer. However, the warranty is rubbish! Dealers always use a 'get-out line' such as 'it's the weather that causes the gold on the wheels to fall off.'”

Mr Edward Reid- Glasgow

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“The Subaru Impeza STi is a fantastic all-round car - the wife can use it for the shopping, kids taxi, etc, etc, and i can enjoy her for what she's all about(the fun factor).”

Mr Gary Kirkland - Staffordshire

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“Its definitely a driver's car and has slightly edgy handling at the limit which is what makes it a fun drive. I have realised that turbo lag is not for me anymore (my previous car was a an S4) and I miss having power everywhere. The build quality is light on quality materials but I suppose it's a reflection of the car's ethos which is more about performance. Having said that, it's just as thirsty as my former car which was a 4.2-litre V8 so I am not impressed with the running costs. Brakes are average too.”

Mr Stephen Elliott - Pinner

“Find me another £20,000 car which is as fast, reliable, and fits in the wife, three kids and dog whenever I (reluctantly) have to...”

Mr Jon Yeldham - Worcs

“Excellent! Just what I expected when I ordered it. Puts a smile on my face each morning when I go to work.”

Mr Peter Barnfather - Hampshire

“Five-door Impreza is practical, driveable reliable, just brought another new 56 plate from Motorpoint. 2.5-litre is even easier to drive - feather the accelerator and just goes without the lag the 2-litre had.”

Mr Steve Gawen - Herts

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 6th)

Despite offering limited choice, no diesel engines (yet) and fairly high list prices, Subaru is still getting rave reviews. Performance is clearly a strength, but only Jeep finishes lower for running costs. Looking ahead to the next generation of models, there’'s a new hatchback Impreza in the pipeline along with an oil-burning engine for the Legacy. Let’'s hope the changes aren'’t too radical for fans…

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