Volkswagen Passat (old)

Volkswagen Passat

Overall Average Rating - 83.37%Position in the Top 100 cars - 62nd


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 77thBuild Quality: 36thRunning Costs: 31stPerformance: 57thBraking: 72ndRide Quality: 54thHandling: 87thPracticality: 44thComfort: 73rdEase of Driving: 80th

Your Quotes

“It's a practical workhorse. However, mine has had a number of very expensive faults - clutch and cir-con compressor - and dealer servicing is also costly.”

Mr David Burton - Oxfordshire

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“Good car apart from the flywheel which costs a lot to replace.”

Mr Steve Healey - Rutland

“The car has been an easy ownership experience.”

Mr Mark Beer - Essex

“Quality and performance buy, still a joy to drive.”

Mr Ian Eaton - Walsall

“Comfortable,good performance, excellent build quality, reliable. Easy to drive(mine being automatic transmission) and good to look at.”

Mr David Oates - Lancashire

“Too many gimmicky electrics that are prone to water intrusion.”

Mr Stanley Ashcroft - Dorset

“Not as reliable as VW would have you believe. Very expensive main dealer parts and labour.”

Mr Steve Morgan - Middx

“Excellent car. Very happy with it except the brake problem. However this should have been picked up by the dealer when selling it to us and I cannot believe they had the cheek to charge me to fix it. Extremely disappointed with the dealer and will not be going back there!”

Mr Simon Breeze - Edinburgh

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“Reasonably reliable but numerous small faults. Main dealer very poor.”

Trevor Garrood - London

“Excellent! Comfortable,nice ansd easy to drive, smooth ride, Very good build quality, Plenty of power when required, just a bit thirsty if you use that power!”

Mr Guy Broadhead - Leicester

“Good car but not very exciting.”

Edward Chapman - Cornwall

“Car is comfortable, quick, safe, very good family car. No problem with paint, interior, exterior. Perfect suspension and brakes.”

Mr Peter Heryng - Surrey

“It does most things well but lacks any sparkle.”

Mr Gordon Shepherd - West Sussex

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 15th)

Justifying its premium prices has always been a problem for VW. Most models in its range challenge for class honours, but if you want a cut-price alternative with similar strengths, you can opt instead for a VW-owned Skoda or SEAT. While the Czech firm'’s latest models trounce anything from VW in the Driver Power top 100, at least the German giant has trumped SEAT in the manufacturer rank.

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