Alfa Romeo 147

Alfa Romeo 147

Overall Average Rating - 81.86%Position in the Top 100 cars - 79th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 89thBuild Quality: 72ndRunning Costs: 93rdPerformance: 33rdBraking: 58thRide Quality: 86thHandling: 29thPracticality: 91stComfort: 22ndEase of Driving: 55th

Your Quotes

“Lovely to drive, handles and goes like a dream, but spares are expensive to buy and minor faults far too costly to repair - which outweighs the benefits.”

Mr Andrew Keeping - Derbyshire

“Overall, a very good car but attention to detail, particularly the interior fit and finish, could be better.”

Mr John Watson - Leigh

“147 GTA V6 3.2. Awesome car, has everything that BMWs and Audis lack. Manages ‘just’ to control 250bhp through the front wheels. Chassis superb, leather interior quality superb, paintwork gorgeous, only quibbles are hard ride and soft feel of brakes, although the car stops well.”

Mr Robert Keylock - Surrey

“I love it.... looks sexy (in Alfa red), sounds sexy (especially the fruity exhaust note), and feels special to be in. By far the most exciting car I have driven. ”

Mr Jonathan Roy – Tyne and Wear

“Exceeded my expectations considering the reputation Alfa have had in the past. Enjoyable to drive on short and long journeys. ”

Mr Bryn Baxendale - Nottingham

“It's a great looking car, handles well, comfortable and cheap to run. What else is there? Reliability has been the best of any car I’ve had.”

Mr Richard Hargreaves - Herts

“Only problem I've had is with the headlight loom breaking, meaning I had to get a new headlight. Few little other niggles, not at all major though. It's Italian, it's in it's character!”

Mr Brian Kees – Stock-on-Tees

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 30th)

If there’'s one thing Alfa drivers have in common, it’'s concern for their car's’ reliability. The only firm with a worse record for problems and breakdowns is Renault. A worrying two-thirds of Alfa Romeo drivers have suffered a fault in the past three years. A quarter had electrical glitches, 17 per cent complained of suspension niggles, 11 per cent had engine trouble and 12 per cent gearbox and clutch woes.

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