BMW 1-Series

BMW 1-Series

Overall Average Rating - 82.51%Position in the Top 100 cars - 76th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 48thBuild Quality: 60thRunning Costs: 61stPerformance: 44thBraking: 30thRide Quality: 96thHandling: 14thPracticality: 96thComfort: 85thEase of Driving: 72nd

Your Quotes

“The 1-Series' comfort is let down by run-flat tyres. What's more, the performance just isn't very sporty due to the very low-revving diesel engine.”

Mr Tim Gathercole - West Yorkshire

“Great car, other than hard ride and lack of smaller storage places for maps etc. Glovebox fairly useless.”

Mr Gordon Long - Somerset

“Excellent apart from a few things, such as, seats stain easily and difficult to clean, boot is too small, water comes in if window is opened when parked and raining. BMW jealousy factor has attracted marks to doors both sides and dent to rear bumper. Never caught the culprits.”

Mr David Anthony - Leics

“Overall a good car. Not enough boot space or rear seat space. No spare wheel is a little worrying and the run flat tyres make the ride harsh.”

Mr Stephen Lockley - Essex

“An excellent quality, well-built hatch. With the diesel engine (2-litre 163hp) it is economical and has a good turn of speed when required.”

Elaine Fitzpatrick - Shropshire

“The car is great but I'm not yet convinced that run-flat tyres are a good idea.”

Mr Paul Wooderson - Buckinghamshire

“Good to drive, fun, well made and reliable a hatch that drives like a sports car.”

Mr Jeremy Green - Derby

“A good quality car only slightly let down by a poor ride on the run-flats and the fact that you notice it is very small in the back and in the boot when you want to try and get anything in it, like luggage.”

Mr Sean Osborne - Norfolk

“You get what you pay for, this is the first BMW I have owned and I will continue to own a BMW.”

Mr John Thomas - Kent

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 7th)

Make no mistake, this is a good result for BMW. However, slipping two positions down the chart will cause some furrowed brows at the firm’'s HQ. What’s more, the slide has put even more space between the blue propeller and its all-conquering Lexus rival. The main area where you say it needs to improve is in running costs – 22nd place out of 37 shows you want your BMW to work harder for your money.

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