BMW 3-Series (old)

BMW 3-Series

Overall Average Rating - 85.66%Position in the Top 100 cars - 45th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 41stBuild Quality: 19thRunning Costs: 76thPerformance: 27thBraking: 23rdRide Quality: 39thHandling: 18thPracticality: 85thComfort: 57thEase of Driving: 48th

Your Quotes

“A very good car to drive, and being an estate I have found it extremely practical. Build quality is high - but then so is the price.”

Mr Mark Gilmour - Hampshire

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“Excellent but it should be given the premium paid over other brands. Ongoing fears over costs of parts and servicing as the car gets older.”

Mr David Rose - Nottingham

“Great car, fast and very economical and fault-free from new until a month ago. BMW should have sorted the problem sooner but didn't. 2002 model 330DSE very classy on the inside but paintwork not as good as our Skoda Fabia. Won't buy another BMW until they get a new designer the interiors are so naff which is a shame - 'great legs, shame about the face.'”

Mr Dave Shakespeare - Lincs

“Excellent car. Smooth, fast, reliable and actually reasonably practical for a coupe.”

Mr Andrew Furphy - Renfrew

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“Fantastic, everything I imagined it would be.”

Mr Richard Pinder - Bradford

“A practical performance car that can compete with most new supercars on sale today - it's great!”

Mr Dave Pipes - Suffolk

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“Pleased, good balance, practicality, comfort and performance.”

Mr Nick Tominey - Harpenden

“Fast, agile, attractive and well built.”

Khaled Kudsi - London

“Economical and reliable car with still that prestigous badge up front!”

Mr Tony Moss - Dorset

“Excellent, super drive and comfort, very reliable - no problems in the two years I have owned it. Very good petrol consumption considering it is 2.0litre petrol - 36 MPG overall. Will probably buy same make/model but diesel next.”

Mr D W Lord - Worcestershire

“Love it, Would only be bettered by an M3 and that comes with much higher costs and headaches (theft/vandalism). Great sound from the straight 6 engine. Refined and polished performance. A little too understated but it means you can go about your business without everyone racing you on the roads. Kids get in it easily although the Mrs isn't sold on the seat comfort - she's used to Recaros.”

Mr Wayne Philbert - Bucks

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“Excellent small family car with room for dog, good-looking, good all-round performance and economical.”

Mr James Fergusson - Edinburgh

“Oustanding machine and the fourth I have owned from new.”

Mr Brian Davis - West Midlands

“Well built car, good to drive and handles well. Diesel engine economical but noisy and vibrates. Poor dealer experience - lack of expertise and not prepared to sort things out without resorting to letter writing.”

Mr Peter Torry - Stockport

“Brilliant car, does what it's supposed to.”

Mr John Vickers - Colchester

“Good balance between performance and practicality. Ride quality has been sacrificed with sports suspension though this is an acceptable compromise for the improved handling and roadholding.”

Mr Mark Fernando - London

“Exactly what I wanted, good choice for me. Still looks modern and is in excellent condition despite 85K miles.”

Mr Ian Stuart - Devon

“Overall I am pleased with car. It is a 330DSE and considering it is a diesel it is quite quick and has good handling. I will probably look to upgrafde to the 530dse next, as need a bigger boot to cater for our little boy who wants to take his bike everywhere.”

Mr Andrew Mealing - Reading

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“Worthwhile long term car. Still drives like new after nearly five years and 45,000 miles. Some people buy this brand for status but it is a practical driver's car that is properly designed and well built .”

Mr Brian Dennistoun - Edinburgh

“The model I have is the 320i six-cylinder petrol Touring, and it is without doubt the best car I've ever owned. It brings a smile to my face every time i drive it and i now take the long way home from work just to experience it's all round brilliance. I love it!!!”

Mr Alex Sharpe - Hants

“Plenty of power when needed and a pleasure to drive.”

Mr Wayne McCullough - Cumbria

“Car great. Do not like dealers - unfriendly. Servicing costs high and part replacement costs high.”

Mr Hywel Davies - Denbighshire

“Very nice car and fast for a diesel.”

Mr Gary Booth - Manchester

“Good executive-type car if you spend all day being an executive ie good driving experience however poor boot area and expensive repairs if they should be required.”

Mr Colin Young - Montrose

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“A fantastic motor, being the the estate it is practical for surfing gear and mountain bike gear and snowboard gear. The performance from the 3-litre is superb, the automatic is sheer class. The amount of gadgets have me feeling how did I survive without them especially the rear view mirror dimming, being self adjusting it is great against the glare from poorly adjusted main beams. The ride quality is firm and sporty, tyres etc have not cost the earth to replace, insurance is okay, fuel costs depend upon the driver, it is a general all round excellent car.”

Mr Sean Harrion - Tyne & Wear

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 7th)

Make no mistake, this is a good result for BMW. However, slipping two positions down the chart will cause some furrowed brows at the firm’'s HQ. What’'s more, the slide has put even more space between the blue propeller and its all-conquering Lexus rival. The main area where you say it needs to improve is in running costs –– 22nd place out of 37 shows you want your BMW to work harder for your money.

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