BMW 3-Series (new)

BMW 3-Series

Overall Average Rating - 87.89%Position in the Top 100 cars - 15th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 16thBuild Quality: 10thRunning Costs: 35thPerformance: 15thBraking: 7thRide Quality: 58thHandling: 12thPracticality: 68thComfort: 37thEase of Driving: 40th

Your Quotes

“A solid car and a joy to drive, But the engine is slightly underpowered for the size and weight of my 320i. My next car will be a 2.5 petrol or 2.0 diesel model.”

Mr Robert Keus - Suffolk

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“It's a 335d coupe and as a package it's amazing! I got out of a TVR to get this and obviously whilst they are poles apart in terms of concept the BM seems every bit as pokey as my old Griffith. In summary, a great car with astonishing economy/performance.”

Mr Russ Bradley - Solihull

“Comfortable, quiet and stable on the motorway; as much performance as anyone needs in this country; beautifully built; tasteful interior; low CO2 and hence tax; very economical; the Tourer has space for my dog or my son's drum kit; and it's great fun to drive as it handles so well. The only downside is that it is so easy to drive fast that my favourite roads are no longer challenging (without doing licence-threatening speeds!)”

Mr Richard Selby - Wigan

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“I think mine is just a bad one as I had a similar model before and it was fantastic. Poor service from the dealer hasn't helped.”

Mr William Collim - Belfast

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“A pleasant car but not perfect. German arrogance prevents the minor detail that needs to be corrected from being done in a timely manner, e.g. boot cover not completely covering the back edge; power socket in central console not usable without leaving lid open plus miscellaneous other niggles.”

Mr Nigel Purvy - Reading

“Great car, but with the worst seats and the worst customer service. EDIT: now sorted to my complete satisfaction.”

Mr Chris Ratcliffe - Sheffield

“Very good car. Comfortable, reliable, plenty of power. However, luggage space is poor. No mechanical problems in 30k miles - just the ashtray which still hasn't been fixed.”

Mr Dipak Matharu - Rushden

“Car was only replaced recently - I previously had the 330D Touring which was magnificent.”

Mr John Schofield - Cumbria

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 7th)

Make no mistake, this is a good result for BMW. However, slipping two positions down the chart will cause some furrowed brows at the firm'’s HQ. What’'s more, the slide has put even more space between the blue propeller and its all-conquering Lexus rival. The main area where you say it needs to improve is in running costs –– 22nd place out of 37 shows you want your BMW to work harder for your money.

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