Ford C-MAX

Ford C-MAX

Overall Average Rating - 85.73%Position in the Top 100 cars - 42nd


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 76thBuild Quality: 65thRunning Costs: 60thPerformance: 29thBraking: 50thRide Quality: 20thHandling: 27thPracticality: 31stComfort: 41stEase of Driving: 35th

Your Quotes

“Let down by poor economy and the inability of the second row of seats to fold into the floor. The good quality interior is also ruined by squeaks and rattles.”

Mr Sean Taylor - Northumberland

“Good and comfortable, economical for an CVR automatic – 54mpg on a run around town.”

Mr John Desborough – West Sussex

“Didn't expect rear caliper seizure (both sides) on a 2-year old car. Didn't expect worn wheel bearing on a 2-year old car, either!”

Mr Philip Taylor Monmouthshire - Worcestershire

“Overall car is OK but the battery continually goes flat but the dealer insists there is nothing wrong so the fault is still not fixed. In for the fourth time now.”

Mr Maurice Porter - Hants

“Love the car even though handbrake failed and rolled back into neighbour's car when two months old and pipes on engine split on journey for summer hols – lost a week’s holiday as a result. Dealer purchased from (20 miles away) was excellent - local dealer dreadful - RAC towed vehicle there but when they realized hadn't been bought there received terrible, slow, uncompleted work!”

Mr John Rowlands – Merthyr Tydfill

“A great car to drive and very practical. Unfortunately let down by poor after sales service and questionable build quality.”

Mr Sean Taylor – Northumberland

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 20th)

A credible rise of four places has let Ford break into the top 20. Given its position in the sales charts, this is hardly anything to write home about, but at least it is going in the right direction. The firm’'s worst rating comes for the comfort of its cabins. You tell us finding the best driving position is a real pain in the back. But the blue oval has finished a full eight places ahead of arch-rival Vauxhall.

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