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Jeep Cherokee (2014-2019) review - Interior, design and technology

The Cherokee comes loaded with kit – but top-spec cars aren’t cheap

You won’t confuse the Cherokee with anything else on the road. Jeep’s gone radical with the SUV’s looks, and while the trademark Jeep seven-bar grille is present, it’s been totally overhauled.

Rather than being upright, the bars are folded over the leading edge of the bonnet, but the 2018 facelift has seen the Nissan Juke-style headlights replaced by a more conventional look. There are now large LED headlamp clusters that take inspiration from the larger Grand Cherokee, and the cleaner front end design is a lot more appealing than before. 

The rest of the Cherokee’s shape is standard compact SUV, with simple lines and a rakish tailgate. Squared-off wheelarches add a chunky touch, and roof rails are standard. The front window sills are curved awkwardly, though, but at least the revised tailgate looks less like a vast expanse of metal now that the number plate has moved from the bumper to between the lights. However, it does now look rather generic, with a hint of the old Lexus RX 450h about the rear end.

Inside, the Cherokee makes a good first impression, thanks to the crystal clear TFT screens used for the touchscreen and trip computer. This is offset by some frustrating touches, though.

The infotainment and climate controls are mixed up on the centre console, while most other functions are controlled via the touchscreen menus. The rev counter features a huge hatched area to signify the red line – it’s not really needed as you’ll get nowhere near this ‘danger zone’ in normal driving.

Sat-nav, stereo and infotainment 

Standard on Limited models is an 8.4-inch touchscreen display. It’s a colourful, crisp and intuitive system that could shame a few premium car makers’ interfaces, and works well with the optional seven-inch TFT display in the instrument binnacle. 

The sat-nav and stereo system are all easy enough to use, it’s just a shame that Jeep chose to install such a cheap-looking Garmin unit. All cars come with Bluetooth for music streaming and hands-free calls, while top-spec models even feature a wireless charging pad on the centre console for compatible mobile phones.

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