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Big car quiz of the year 2020 - answers

Answers to our big car quiz of the year 2020

That was 2020

1) b. Skoda Octavia

2) a. A Touring version

3) c. Arkana

4) a. Ambulance

5) b. 50

6) b. Dyson

7) b. Ford Bronco

8) a. Chicken keeping

9) a. Aston Martin

10) b. 112mph

Sporting chance

11) b. The 70th anniversary of the first World Championship race

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12) b. It was paved with bricks in 1909

13) a. Fernando Alonso

14) c. Tempelhof Airport, Germany

15) b. Toyota

16) a. Aston Martin Racing

17) b. Rally Estonia

18) b. Four times

19) a. Marc Marquez

20) b. Group B

Car culture

21) b. Pontiac Trans Am

22) b. Ecto-1

23) a. BMW i3

24) b. Volkswagen Type 2

25) a. Gold Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows

26)  b. 1958 Plymouth Fury

27) c. Aston Martin Valhalla

28) a. Triumph TR7

29) b. Uncle Bryn

30) b. Harley-Davidson Livewires

Missing words

31) b. camel

32) b. wood

33) c. Aerodynamics

34) a. Jaguar

35) b. price

36) a. unimaginable

37) c. glass

38) b. failure

39) a. Transit

40) b. living room carpet

The question is the answer

41) a. The Trabant was built in the Volkswagen ID.3 factory in Zwickau

42) b. Broke the Land Speed Record for a supercharged production car in 2011

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43) b. The year BMW built its first electric car

44) a. Ostrich feathers are used to brush Jaguars before they are painted

45) b. The colour of the one millionth 911 to roll off the production line

46) a. Average cost of car insurance in UK in 2019

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47) c. The first motorway services opened in the UK in 1959

48) a. A fridge was scripted to be the time-travelling device in Back to the Future before producers opted for a DeLorean

49) b. Ingredient used by Henry Ford to build a car body in 1941

50) a. Actual number of Sierra Cosworth RS500s built by Ford

Cryptic car names

51) Polestar

52) Ford

53) Mini

54) SEAT

55) Land Rover

56) Maybach

57) Smart

58) Proton

59) Jaguar

60) Tesla

History channel

61) a. Nicola Romeo

62) b. Model A

63) a. 1982

64) c. Fiat Nuova 500

65) b. Vauxhall

66) b. 1950

67) b. Citroen and NSU

68) c. AMG

69) a. Honda

70) a. 2010

Complete the sequence

71) b. Membury (Service stations on the M4 motorway, going west)

72) a. W124 (Mercedes E-Class model codes, newest to oldest)

73) c. Shapps (Transport Secretaries in chronological order)

74) b. Casino (First four sections of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit)

75) a. Y (Tesla production models in launch order)

76) a. Blue (Most popular colours of cars sold in 2019, in descending order)

77) c. F8 (Mid-engined Ferrari models in chronological order)

78) b. Lewis (Winners of the British Grand Prix from 2017-2020)

79) b. Amber (UK traffic light sequence)

80) b. Montego (BMC/BL family car models in chronological order)

Code breaker

81) b. Ford Fiesta Mk1

82) a. Morris Mini-Minor

83) c. Land Rover Discovery S1

84) b. MGF

85) b. Lotus Evora

86) a. Aston Martin Valkyrie

87) a. Bentley Continental R

88) a. Chevrolet Corvette C1

89) b. Ford Cortina Mk1

90) a. Triumph TR7

Spot the detail

91) Audi S3 Sportback

92) BMW M4

93) Fiat 500 electric

94) Ford Puma

95) Hyundai i20

96) McLaren 765LT

97) Porsche Taycan

98) SEAT Leon

99) Skoda Enyaq iV

100) Toyota GR Yaris

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