Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z

Overall Average Rating - 84.12%Position in the Top 100 cars - 59th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 32ndBuild Quality: 68thRunning Costs: 79thPerformance: 3rdBraking: 3rdRide Quality: 41stHandling: 5thPracticality: 100thComfort: 54thEase of Driving: 91st

Your Quotes

“Excellent: fantastic looking, great to drive. Costly to run, but in this price range you can't really complain. The interior is a little plasticky, but well thought out.”

Mr David Selvan - Cheshire

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“A superb value for money performance car, that still turns heads a full three years after it was launched. Definitely going to buy another and this time it will be brand new. Just a great car to drive.”

Mr Simon Martin - Surrey

“Enjoy it very much. I have done a lot of aftermarket modifications also. I have never owned a car for this long, and I plan on putting more money into it, and keeping for a long time.”

Mr Jim Kaale - Florida

“Great looks, reasonably powerful, but as it’s fairly rare it seems to be a target for vandalism.”

Mr Mark Tomlinson - Surrey

“Very stylish - still a head turner after three years in UK. Fun to drive, but let down by harsh ride and creaky trim. Bose stereo sounds good but looks awful - I would have expected a Japanese car to have a much more up to date ICE.”

Mr Michael Wood - Basingstoke

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 21st)

More than any other car maker, Nissan has placed its faith in 4x4s. The firm’'s UK range now includes six all-wheel-drive models, as it claims that’s what its customers want. Unfortunately, your reviews have seen it drop three places in this chart. Disappointingly, the Nissan range can'’t get higher than 12th in any one category. But will the popularity of SUVs work in Nissan'’s favour? Only time will tell.

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