Nissan Micra (new)

Nissan Micra

Overall Average Rating - 82.59%Position in the Top 100 cars - 72nd


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 78thBuild Quality: 70thRunning Costs: 7thPerformance: 77thBraking: 52ndRide Quality: 85thHandling: 68thPracticality: 63rdComfort: 96thEase of Driving: 16th

Your Quotes

“It's a bit noisy on the motorway and bumpy - especially in the back - but generally it's all right. The Micra is easy to drive and has clear dials.”

Mr Rahu Patel - Middlesex

“Excellent reliability. Never had a problem with it to this day. Paintwork suffers bad scratches, despite the 'Supagard' protective coating. Also has problem with deflecting mud away from windows, etc, needs a side skirt. Equipment a little basic. Interior of poor quality, as many things have broken off in normal use, such as plastics and the side pillar cover on passenger side. Apart from quality, it is a fantastic car to live with!”

Mr Dale Trever - Kent

“Physically convenient and frugal town car, but noisy and bumpy ride at higher speeds and longer journeys. Some good design features, but electronics repeatedly malfunctioned and necessitated repeated visits to dealer for repairs.”

Mr Glyn Davies - Oxfordshire

“My Micra 160SR has great performance and the handling is decent. It is surprisingly cheap to run and insure and is practical enough for my needs. I am disappointed with the build quality of the suspension and interior though-there are far too many squeaks and rattles. The suspension seems to lose alignment settings far too easily as well.”

Mr Ian Turner - Bedfordshire

“The Nissan Micra is a fine handling car but the ride suffers a bit, also the build quality could be better but it is first rate for reliability and quite practical for a small car.”

Mr Andrew Swanston - Gateshead

“Great town car, looks good, performs well and apart from the radio has never let me down.”

Mr Kevin Denholm - Aberdeen

“It is the fastest, most responsive car I have ever owned (yes I know it is a Micra). It is my third Micra and the first two seemed sluggish compared to this one, especially up hill. I have also had Minis in the past, they steer much better but I only had "ordinary" Minis and they too seemed sluggish in comparison.”

Mr David Ransom – West Sussex

“Owned a Micra prior to this one was always happy with it (my wife also drives a Micra and she is also very happy with it). Rides quite well is economical meets all my needs (age 79) and does all I ask of it-would buy another without hesitation.”

Mr Ralph Ashdown - Kent

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 21st)

More than any other car maker, Nissan has placed its faith in 4x4s. The firm’'s UK range now includes six all-wheel-drive models, as it claims that’s what its customers want. Unfortunately, your reviews have seen it drop three places in this chart. Disappointingly, the Nissan range can’'t get higher than 12th in any one category. But will the popularity of SUVs work in Nissan’'s favour? Only time will tell.


Used Nissan Micra review
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Nissan Micra review
Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra review

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