Peugeot 407

Peugeot 407

Overall Average Rating - 82.57%Position in the Top 100 cars - 73rd


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 96thBuild Quality: 75thRunning Costs: 26thPerformance: 64thBraking: 77thRide Quality: 47thHandling: 45thPracticality: 76thComfort: 61stEase of Driving: 62nd

Your Quotes

“I love the drive but have serious concerns over the HDI engine and have heard of situations where fuel pump breakdown polluted the fuel system with metal filings, causing serious damage to injectors and fuel pump. My list of faults are turbo, electronic display and air conditioning.”

Mr Sean Taylor - Hampshire

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“Great style, very comfortable and for such a large car, surprisingly economical. My model (SE with pack) is well equipped. Apart from one minor problem with a brake sensor has been very reliable.”

Mr Craig McIntosh - Bedfordshire

“I own the SW version and think the shape at the rear takes up a good part of the boot space. The reliability has been excellent up to now and I have covered 32,000 miles to date. The diesel engine is good for cruising (2-litre HDI) and I find the mpg acceptable, being as the car spends most of its time on the motorway.”

Mr Robert Carpenter - Northants

“Being used to BMW and Lexus cars it seemed a step down to the 407SW executive, however it was nice to drive and the gadget level in the car was excellent. I have just sold it and lost less money that the more expensive brands would have cost me.”

Mr John Tabis - Solihull

“A good, comfortable saloon with plenty of space for five and a powerful engine.”

Mr John Hoare - Bridgwater

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 34th)

It's one of the most popular new car makers in the UK, but Peugeot is letting its customers down. The firm has done well to close the gap on Renault this year, but its customers are still a disgruntled bunch. The brand comes last overall in the ease of driving category. This is probably due to the grabby brakes and sloppy gearbox that are common to many generations of Peugeot models.

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