Renault Scenic/Grand (new)

Overall Average Rating - 82.68%Position in the Top 100 cars - 69th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 92ndBuild Quality: 86thRunning Costs: 47thPerformance: 91stBraking: 67thRide Quality: 30thHandling: 84thPracticality: 15thComfort: 31stEase of Driving: 65th

Your Quotes

“I am truly sorry I got this car. The electrics and auto gearbox have a mind of their own, and you only have to look at the paintwork and a scratch will appear.”

Mr Michael Todd - County Down

“Deeply flawed, underpowered, snatchy clutch, terrible electrics, poor quality plastics.”

Mr Phil Lawrence - Moray

“A very comfortable ride, a pity an updated model came out three months after I got mine.”

Mr Dennis Brown - Bristol

“The Grand scenic is practical but the third row of seats there is not enough legroom even for kids from about 10 years old and the second row of seats are hard to take in and out. Apart from the rear suspension being quite loose it is a nice car to drive.”

Mr Philip Malvern - Darlington

“An innovative, if not the most up-to-date, car. Well built with a number of quirky features, although the rear seat-folding mechanism could be better. Good handling for a MPV and excellent roadholding. Extremely satisfied.”

Mr Alan Tuck - Louth

“I think it is brilliant. I wish I could buy a new one of the same model but I regret it has been replaced with the new Scenic which is too wide for ease of use in a single garage and does not have the appeal of the previous model, which is small on the outside big on the inside.”

Mr Peter Harrison – East Sussex

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 33rd)

Starting a double bill of French underachievement, Renault has finished just in front of its arch-rival Peugeot. Now joined in a technology-sharing alliance with Nissan, Renault bosses will be disappointed to have finished 11 places behind their Japanese partner. A more pressing concern is that a huge 19.2 per cent of Renault drivers say they wouldn'’t buy another –– a shocking statistic.

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