Saab 9-5

Saab 9-5

Overall Average Rating - 86.18%Position in the Top 100 cars - 34th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 66thBuild Quality: 46thRunning Costs: 88thPerformance: 24thBraking: 61stRide Quality: 11thHandling: 70thPracticality: 24thComfort: 4thEase of Driving: 27th

Your Quotes

“Reasonably reliable with decent all-round build quality. Very comfortable to drive, plenty of room in the cabin and boot, plus fairly good on fuel.”

Mr Glyn Hutmacher - Avon

“Nice reliable car. Good fuel consumption for size of car (2.3 engine), but will go back to automatics - I am lazy! I like automatics as you don't have to rely on the handbrake on hills.”

Mr James Buchanan - Renfrewshire

“Comfortable and reasonably economical for its size. Long distance travel a pleasure.”

Mr Alan Marshall - Holmfirth

“An excellent car - the only car I have owned (and I have had six previous Saabs) which I can drive all day and arrive still relaxed. A motorway muncher!”

Mr Bryan Johnson - East Sussex

“Eminently practical estate car (Wagon) - my third 9-5. It meets all my carrying needs, supremely comfortable, easy to drive, and a very handsome car.I will get the 150bhp diesel version next time around.”

Mr Paul Franklin - Bucks

“Best car I have owned. Would consider only changing to a Saab as long as General Motors don't muck it up.”

Mr Michael Waller - Kent

“Apart from service costs (at specialist not dealer) car has been reliable and cheap to run. This is my 3rd Saab and as with others the LCD displays are appalling - digits drop off making it impossible to read the clock/trip or air con panels. This is a well known issue at three years.”

Mr Barry Robson - Warwickshire

“Seats not as comfortable as Saab would like us to think, but otherwise smooth, practical and economical.”

Mr Nick Powell - London

“Nice reliable car. Looks good, drives good.”

Mr James Buchanan - Renfrewshire

“I love it. It's not without faults but nothing too serious. Wish I was doing more miles to enjoy it more. On the other hand more miles (as I used to do) would be little fun these days. The battery giving out 1 day after a full service and four years from new was no more than unfortunate.”

Mr Grant Perkins - Derby

“Not as reliable as expected for a Saab. Rumble at speed, poor wipers, unable to clean rear window (saloon), uneconomical, failure of display LCD means unable to read messages relating to mechanical warnings (£500 to replace display LCD). Poor radio reception especially, poor speakers and lack of anywhere to stow away things in the front especially annoying.”

Mr Colin Walsh - Cambridge

“Absolutely great! Awesome performance, ultra reliable, ultra safe, a true all-rounder.”

Mr Stirling Moss - Derbyshire

“Sturdy, reliable, comfortable but old design needs bringing up to date in engine noise dept. Also looks a bit dated. Trim is as good as new.”

Mr Ian Shields - Middlesbrough

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 15th)

Despite its tiny model range and lack of innovative design in recent years, Saab can still rely on the support of its loyal customer base. However, with a three-place drop down the chart, are fans of the Swedish firm getting fed-up? Iffy reliability is matched by mid-table finishes in most other ranks. Only the outstanding comfort of the Saab’'s models has saved it from embarrassment.

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