Toyota Avensis (new)

Toyota Avensis

Overall Average Rating - 86.95%Position in the Top 100 cars - 27th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 17thBuild Quality: 22ndRunning Costs: 15thPerformance: 68thBraking: 49thRide Quality: 43rdHandling: 61stPracticality: 20thComfort: 27thEase of Driving: 49th

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“Very practical and amazingly economical for its size. I think it's handsome from the side, but the front - especially the grille - is awful. Comfortable and reliable.”

Mr Brian Gilbert - Oxfordshire

“First class ride and ease of use of all the controls, together with the Toyota build quality and finish make the Avensis a good buy.”

Mr David Chitson - Oxfordshire

“Not exciting, but comfortable, reliable and economic transport.”

Mr Michael O’Brien - Surrey

“It has proved to be very practical and amazingly economical for its size. It is quite handsome from the side and rear, but I just can't get to love the awful front frontal appearance (that grille!). It is reliable, comfortable and does everything you want - except for parking, where the lock is poor.”

Mr Brian Gilbert - Oxfordshire

“Great car but also the first in fourteen years to need work under warranty. Toyota's crown is slipping in my eyes.”

Mr Roger Jackson - Essex

“A good family car. Well built, goes OK and good to drive. It's comfortable and practical too. The only niggle I have is the road noise. It's not load, just always there in the background at volume level that more than it should be. I'm also impressed by Toyota as a company. They've looked after me as a customer.”

Mr Wayne Mandell - Leeds

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 8th)

Having celebrated the success of the flagship Lexus brand, Toyota bosses will also feel fairly smug about where their mainstream marque has charted. Firmly established in the top 10, Toyota has achieved above average ratings in each judging category. As the new Yaris and Auris models begin to make up the bulk of Toyota'’s UK sales, we will be keen to see if the firm can continue to scale the chart.

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