Vauxhall Zafira (old)

Vauxhall Zafira

Overall Average Rating - 80.64%Position in the Top 100 cars - 86th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 70thBuild Quality: 76thRunning Costs: 81stPerformance: 88thBraking: 90thRide Quality: 80thHandling: 95thPracticality: 9thComfort: 86thEase of Driving: 85th

Your Quotes

“Great for space, but pretty expensive to run. Poor fuel economy and niggly little faults do not make this the best car I have ever owned.”

Mr Mark Conway - London

“Comfortable, practical, and generally reliable. Wears out tyres faster than previous cars I have owned, though.”

Mr Guy Berresford - Bournemouth

“I have found it to be a very reliable and practical car that I enjoy driving and think is reasonably economical for what it is.”

Mr Martin Fox - Dorset

“Very practical, however hard on tyres and brakes, never had that with any car in the past. Also extremely rough gearchange/selection, been back numerous times to main dealer for this and steering issues.”

Mr Robert Glenn - Birmingham

“Very reliable but a cambelt replacement at every 40,000 instead of the original 60,000 is a costly exercise. Brake cables had to be replaced, two rear springs had to be replaced, these are not common faults that you would expect to go wrong! Overall it is a quite comfortable car to drive and the seven-seat arrangement is excellent.”

Danny Shea - Norfolk

“Overall very pleased. A couple of minor squeaks and rattles along with a vibration at a certain rpm mar an otherwise very competent car.”

Mr Andrew Sharp - Herts

“Only problem is with screen misting up, not had it checked yet but can't drive in cold/damp weather without a/c on.”

Mr Wayne Denham - Lancashire

“A seven-seater which feels like driving a car. Practical while the kids are small. Let down by Vauxhall quality finish and too upright driving position. A good compromise for our needs.”

Mr Gary Hague - Oxfordshire

“The car is very basic but practical for my needs. I need a 7-seater as I am a childminder and for the money it is an ideal car. I haven't had any serious problems but the one problem was sorted out efficiently and to my satisfaction.”

Mrs Carolyn Brown - Cleveland

“Overall very good car for the money.”

Mr Nick Worby - West Yorkshire

“Practical, comfortable - it does what I need of it.”

Mr Guy Berresford - Bournemouth

“It's great to drive the car. Dread to take it for a service check, because last time it cost me £500. ”

Mr Wah Tsang - Cheshire

“It is a Zafira, spare wheel has been stolen as security is poor. Both rear door check straps have broken (it is a known fault but they do not acknowledge it.) Ignition barrel failed and needed replacement (took two days which is a week faster than my mate's Peugeot). Engine stabiliser mount broke within a year. Plastics on rear seat have broken without misuse. But I did save £5,000 on new price by buying through a broker from holland over the internet. I have used main dealer servicing until they nearly killed me by leaving diesel all over the brake pedal. Now I do most things myself or get friends to do it.”

Mr Liam Farrell - Oxon

“A very reliable practical car that is reasonable in cost to run it is comfortable and good car to drive especially on long journeys as it is quiet and stable.”

Mr Martin Fox - Dorset

“As I have a small family the car is great for having things such as pushchairs, bikes, shopping etc in the boot without having to load things on the back seats and in the foot wells. Space in the back and the front is very good and the car is comfortable when driving long distances or to the shops for the weekly shopping.”

Mr Carl Whitehead - Worcestershire

“Very practical for a family, especially with a disabled child.”

Mr Paul Stanley - '

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 28th)

Another year of bitter disappointment for Vauxhall sees it retain a miserable 28th place. While they continue to sell well, you say the firm’'s cars just aren'’t satisfying to own and drive on a day-to-day basis. Vauxhall’'s worst rating comes in the ease of driving rank, but other finishes are mid-table at best. It'’s a sad fact that the highest placed top 100 model –– the Omega –– is no longer in production.

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