Volkswagen Golf (old)

Volkswagen Golf

Overall Average Rating - 82.52%Position in the Top 100 cars - 75th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 68thBuild Quality: 45thRunning Costs: 59thPerformance: 63rdBraking: 73rdRide Quality: 63rdHandling: 90thPracticality: 58thComfort: 63rdEase of Driving: 78th

Your Quotes

“My Golf is comfortable, and it seems to be well made, too. But Volkswagen certainly hasn't designed it to go round corners very quickly.”

Mr Thomas Palmerley - Northumberland

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“I have owned hot hatches in the past and despite it being a diesel, my car is the best I have ever driven. Just to shock other drivers with the way I can leave them for dead gives me endless pleasure! It's not as much fun to drive as my previous car (a Focus) on country roads I have to say, the steering does lack a bit of feel. For the record I have a Golf GT TDI PD 150. It's also very well build and has been peerless on the reliability front.”

Mr Barry Edwards - Liverpool

“Great car, fantastic drive. Prefer this version looks wise to the most recent. Marred slightly by wrong air box for this country - had repeatedly failed air mass meter. Loved driving it.”

Mr Richard Price - West Yorkshire

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“A good car but performance and handling could be improved.”

Graham Young - Essex

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“Golf built to last - comfortable and spacious. can't complain about it - only electrics seem to be a bit dodgy - some times.”

Mr Philip McGuigan - Armagh

“We've already got a Golf and were impressed enough to buy a second. The build quality is excellent and the 1.6SE is a very comfortable car to drive.”

Mr Paul Fildes - Cheshire

“Great fast car, but too many expensive things keep going wrong with it.”

Mr Peter Mulcahy - Stoke-on-trent

“Great car but there seems to be a problem with the electric window cables. They've snapped on both the front doors causing costly repairs.”

Mr David Anthony - Southampton

“Should have bought one earlier, expense to maintain but excellent quality and you only get what you pay for.”

Mr Paul Kendrick - Lancashire

“Stunning. It's the best car I've owned in terms of comfort, performance and quality. It's met my expectations and then some! It's a little heavy on fuel, but then I didn't expect it to be frugal. It's my personal luxury and puts a huge smile on my face whenever I drive it.”

Neil Barrett - Notts

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“My VW Golf 1.9 TDi 130 has so far been reliable, frugal, and a surprise regarding its performance. It is a practical car that allows me to go about my day to day life without any hassle, yet still put a smile on my face when I put the foot down. The only downside is that the handling is a bit soggy, and it doesn't grip well in the corners. Overall I'm pleased with the car.”

Mr Dean Thomson - Glasgow

“Comfortable to drive,solid build quality and fairly economical.”

Mr Harry Isherwood - Lancashire

“Above expectations in almost every way.”

Mrs Margaret Smith - Gloucestershire

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 15th)

Justifying its premium prices has always been a problem for VW. Most models in its range challenge for class honours, but if you want a cut-price alternative with similar strengths, you can opt instead for a VW-owned Skoda or SEAT. While the Czech firm'’s latest models trounce anything from VW in the Driver Power top 100, at least the German giant has trumped SEAT in the manufacturer rank.

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