Skoda Octavia (old)

Skoda Octavia

Overall Average Rating - 87.45%Position in the Top 100 cars - 22nd


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 21stBuild Quality: 27thRunning Costs: 8thPerformance: 26thBraking: 39thRide Quality: 57thHandling: 53rdPracticality: 18thComfort: 72ndEase of Driving: 31st

Your Quotes

“A reliable, good-size car. Too many people see it as a downmarket model, but don't realise it's a VW underneath. I'd recommend it as a family car to anyone.”

Mr Michael Richter - Manchester

“Nice car to have practical and roomy with lots of luggage space. Handling is a bit wallowy and I seem to upset drivers a lot when I overtake them (it's a Skoda!). Good value package.”

Mr Aaquil Rashid - Manchester

“The Octavia is an excellent car all round and extremely good value for money.”

Mr John Mackenzie - Kent

“A pair of front discs replaced at 80,000 is the only problem I have had. Not bad for a Skoda.”

Mr Mike Swift - Nottingham

“Reliable car with good features and performance. A cheap Golf.”

Mr Ian Seaton - Bristol

“Very satisfied. Problem with electric window controls fixed under warranty, but required assessment visit prior to work being undertaken even though the problem was pretty obvious.”

Mr Brian Whitnall - Bucks

“The Octavia TDi estate is very practical and easy to drive, it has excellent fuel economy and the service costs are very reasonable. Overall an excellent car for the money.”

Mr Ian Crawford - Co Durham

“Pleased with the performance and road holding, boot space is good, reasonable mpg for engine power (180bhp). Only two problems really: first - engine undertray became detached after driving slowly through flood. It is very flimsy and has no drain holes to get rid of water. And second, the engine management light came on in France, later diagnosed as lambda sensor failure. Both were both replaced, although the replacement sensor was the wrong one, which was cured by Skoda back in the UK.”

Mr Paul Street - Surrey

“Very good all round car for a fair price.”

Mr Paul Beacham - Buck's

“Very good all round car (vRS). Not a high mileage user so short runs mean practicality is not its best feature.”

Mr Paul Mullett - Dudley

“Poor instrument visibility (air conditioner). Interior "steams up" very quickly in inclement weather and requires all vents shut, heat to hot and fan on full and air directed at screen (see instruction manual). This also occurs to my daughter's Fabia but not to other makes of vehicle at the same location. There is no water entry in either vehicle.”

Mr Ray Starbuck - Derbyshire

“The Octavia vRS is a good, practical, quick car that is good value for money.”

Mr Paul Bray - Oxon

“Overall have been satisfied with the car. Minor niggles with reliability (twice in 30,000 miles). Pleasant to own and drive. Fairly economical, but in future would go for Turbo Diesel engine in preference to petrol. The 1.6 petrol engine is disappointing in terms of refinement and pulling power.”

Mr Philip Norris - Staffordshire

“As good as I would expect from a car that has a lot of Volkswagen parts.”

Mr Leslie O'Donnell - Scotland

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 2nd)

It's time to celebrate at Skoda once again! Matching its success of last year, the Czech firm has bettered the performance of all of its rivals to take the silver medal in the manufacturer chart. You tell us Skoda dealers are a one-stop shop for anyone after the lowest running costs and most practical models in the UK. Forthcoming new cars, including the next Fabia, have a lot to live up to.

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