Vauxhall Meriva

Vauxhall Meriva

Overall Average Rating - 84.36%Position in the Top 100 cars - 57th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 71stBuild Quality: 56thRunning Costs: 65thPerformance: 83rdBraking: 11thRide Quality: 65thHandling: 67thPracticality: 11thComfort: 60thEase of Driving: 50th

Your Quotes

“A decent car - and it would be an excellent one if the windscreen wipers had been set up for right-hand drive and the front pillar didn't hamper visibility.”

Mr Steve Tickle - Hampshire

“Roomy and comfortable, maybe a bit jiggly, has occasionally hesitated when going uphill - hope this is not an ECU fault. Interior a bit spartan but seems solid enough.”

Mr Richard Bates - Hayling Island

“Brilliant car. I enjoy driving it very much. Loads better than my previous vehicle, which was a Zafira. Only complaint: load space.”

Mr Dave Clarke - Lincolnshire

“Car very good, garage rubbish.”

Mr J Allen Davis - Co Durham

“Well designed, although some of the materials, such as seats, seem a bit cheap. Vauxhall is very discouraging with DIY maintenance. Even changing a headlamp bulb should be done by a dealer. No workshop manual is available. If there was a category in your survey for provision for DIY maintenance I would choose the lowest number.”

Mr John Wilkie - East Renfrewshire

“A well built car that is ideal for our small family. Although a 1.8 16v engine, it's not very quick, so could be better.”

Mr Greg Totton - Herts

“Considering I downsized from a Vectra, the car has done everything asked of it, i must say the back seats are very god for the kids, being able to raise the height and move them forwards and back. Also having stereo controls in the rear, enabling me to turn off the speakers, so they can watch DVDS.”

Mr Matt Wharton - Lincolnshire

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 28th)

Another year of bitter disappointment for Vauxhall sees it retain a miserable 28th place. While they continue to sell well, you say the firm’'s cars just aren’'t satisfying to own and drive on a day-to-day basis. Vauxhall'’s worst rating comes in the ease of driving rank, but other finishes are mid-table at best. It’'s a sad fact that the highest placed top 100 model –– the Omega –– is no longer in production.

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