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Top 10 best movie cars of all time

We asked readers to vote on their favourite movie cars of all time and these are the results...

Cars of all shapes and sizes have played pivotal roles in all kinds of movies. They can be real cars drafted in to play a part, like the Ford Mustang from Bullitt or the Mini Coopers in The Italian Job, or a fictional creation like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But of all of the classic and memorable cars in movies throughout the ages, which movie car is the best ever? We asked you, the Auto Express reader, and you voted in your droves.

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As car fans, we can't deny that we tend to focus on the cars in any movie we watch. With another James Bond film on the horizon, finding out what 007’s wheels will be is just as important as the plot (for petrolheads at least). On the silver screen, cars have the potential to transcend the sum of their parts and become legends even if they're a bit naff in real life. That applies whether the car is simply used as a tool to get from A to B, as a hero's wheels in a thrill-a-minute car chase or as a gadget-laden time machine on wheels.

What are the worst cars in the world?

This all means that everyone has an opinion on what makes a great movie car. When we asked Auto Express readers for their opinion, almost 5,000 had their say. So what are the 10 best movie cars of all time? Check out our list right here... 

Top 10 greatest movie cars of all time

Do you agree with the results of our poll on the best movie cars ever? Are there any other great movie cars you think should have made the cut? Leave us a comment below!


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