Class winners

Which city car is the best? Which SUV should you avoid? Find out in our rundown of the best and worst cars in each class

So you know what kind of car you want, but you aren’t sure which model to choose.

We’ve pooled together all the results from this year’s Driver Power survey to weigh up which cars came out on top - and which came last - in each class to help make your decision as easy as possible. 

Audi A4 or BMW 3 Series? Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus? Simply pick a class from the list below to find out which cars owners rate highest.

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How are our results calculated?

Our survey asks drivers to rate their car out of five in 10 key categories. An independent data processing company then crunches the numbers to provide the overall average scores.

Why doesn’t my car feature?

Not all models can be included, due to the sheer number of cars on UK roads. Plus, to ensure our results are reliable, we need a robust sample size of drivers of each vehicle.

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