Semi final 1

We’re only one round away from the final, and the nerves are jangling as French people carriers come face-to-face. So, which one gets the nod?

EntrantsWINNER: Renault Scenic  (£14,703-£23,637) beat VW Golf estate in quarter final

RUNNER-UP: Citroen C3 Picasso  (£12,445-£16,545) beat Renault Clio Sport Tourer in quarter final

It's the battle of the MPVs, as our supermini-based champion meets the best the family sector has to offer. In World Cup terms, this is a clash of the titans – either the Citroen C3 Picasso or Renault Scenic will leave disappointed at having come so close to the final.

At stake is the chance to pit their wits against the winner of a tough battle between the Skoda Superb and VW Golf. But before our MPVs start to dream of lifting the trophy, they’ve got to win this match – and it won’t be an easy task. Both makers have a talent for producing brilliant MPVs, and these cars have all the versatility we expect from a modern people carrier.

Their interiors provide a huge number of storage cubbies, while their practical sliding rear seats help owners balance rear legroom and boot space as required. The French firms are also renowned for their diesel engines, and both cars come with a range of torquey oil-burners. So, how can we separate them? Well, their looks are sure to split opinion, as the boxy C3 Picasso is even less conventional than the Scenic. With its huge panoramic windscreen and glitzy light clusters, the Citroen doesn’t attempt to disguise its people carrier profile. If you’re in denial about your family car needs, the Renault is the more low-key and attractive choice.

The Scenic is 266mm longer than its rival and has a bigger wheelbase, so has more room inside as a result. Even with its rear seats slid all the way back, it provides a healthy 437-litre luggage capacity, while pushing them as far forward as possible liberates 522 litres. The Picasso has 385 and 500 litres respectively.

So the Renault is bigger – and it’s also more accomplished to drive. There’s a larger line-up of trim levels to choose from, and the engine range is wider, too – it includes a 1.4-litre petrol turbo, as well as an economical 1.5-litre diesel. On top of all this, the Scenic is competitively priced, so it deserves to seal a place in our final.

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