Nissan Primera (new)

Nissan Primera

Overall Average Rating - 80.98%Position in the Top 100 cars - 82nd


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 65thBuild Quality: 67thRunning Costs: 75thPerformance: 80thBraking: 85thRide Quality: 79thHandling: 89thPracticality: 36thComfort: 81stEase of Driving: 84th

Your Quotes

“Quite acceptable mode of transport, purchased at a very attractive price.”

Amanda Sutton - Surrey

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“Good honest reliable car that I've had for nine years the build quality is second to non.”

Mr Steve Jones - Lancs

“Very comfortable nice to drive. Handling could possibly be a little better. Good fuel comnsumption for size of car.”

Mr Paulk Drage - Lincs

“The electrics on this car are very poor. Appalling RF shielding means that the brake system can be heard through the radio and the electrical failure was down to the earth line corroding through, a very easily prevented problem.”

Mr Jeff Quantrill – Leamington Spa

“The car has been excellent. The ride is much improved over the earlier version. I am surprised it is not more popular.”

Mr Harry Thacker - Lancs

“A typical Nissan really. Faults never seem to be fixed first time but that is more because of the main dealer. A good workhorse but if I had my choice I would have a Peugeot 406 or better.”

Mr Andrew Woodman – South Glamorgan

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 21st)

More than any other car maker, Nissan has placed its faith in 4x4s. The firm’'s UK range now includes six all-wheel-drive models, as it claims that’s what its customers want. Unfortunately, your reviews have seen it drop three places in this chart. Disappointingly, the Nissan range can’'t get higher than 12th in any one category. But will the popularity of SUVs work in Nissan’'s favour? Only time will tell.

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