New all-electric Porsche Macan SUV on the way

The second-generation Porsche Macan will be all-electric with no petrol option, and our exclusive images preview how it could look

Porsche is applying the finishing touches to an all-new, all-electric version of its best-selling Macan.

Since its introduction in 2014, the SUV has been a huge success for the German firm, with just shy of 100,000 examples being sold around the world last year. But after only one generation Porsche will radically overhaul the model, which is due to be replaced within the next 18 months; it’s set to go fully electric, with no new petrol edition planned.

“We already started the development of an electric Macan,” Dr Michael Steiner, Porsche’s executive board member for R&D, told Auto Express. “It is an obligation for us, at Porsche, to think about and work on sporty answers to electric cars.”

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Key to the development of the all-new Macan is a new electrical architecture called Premium Platform Electric (PPE) that will underpin larger, higher-riding vehicles from the VW Group. The move to radically overhaul the firm’s most popular new car is considered to be a risky decision, given the relatively small, but growing, market share EVs currently have around the world. So to counter any resistance from buyers who may not want an electric Macan, Porsche will continue to sell the existing SUV alongside the all-new version.

“The electric Macan will be based on a new electric platform, not a derivative,” Steiner explained to us. “It was developed jointly with Audi, and is called the PPE. Knowing that there is not a lot of speed in the transition from ICE to electric, we are preparing to have both paths running in parallel. 

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“For a few years, the internal-combustion-engined Macan of today will be sold in parallel with the new fully electric car,” he told us. “And it depends on the market demand all around the world how long we will have both.”

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The Macan will be the first vehicle to use the new PPE platform, but Dr Steiner told us it opens up the possibility of many more electric variants.“PPE is totally different from the Taycan’s [J1 platform]. That was designed for cars sitting low, the PPE for the Macan is designed for high-floor cars, so there could be [electric] derivatives in the range of SUVs. But this platform is totally new,” Dr Steiner said.

The electric Macan, previewed in our exclusive images, will adopt an evolutionary approach to its new design, given that the vehicle will be sold alongside today’s model. Design elements from the Taycan will be adopted, such as the blanked-off front end and hollowed-out LED headlights, meaning the SUV is identifiable as an electric model. However, the electric Macan’s overall shape and silhouette are unlikely to change much from that of the petrol car. The electric platform will allow Porsche to totally rethink the cabin design, and the flat floor should free up considerably more space inside for passengers.

Are you pleased to see the Macan join Porsche's expanding electric car range? Let us know in the comments... 



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