New Skoda Enyaq Coupe vRS 2024 facelift review: same looks but even better underneath

Skoda hasn’t changed much about the Enyaq Coupe iV’s appearance, but it has made improvements where they matter

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Even though the updated Skoda Enyaq looks the same as before, the already excellent all-electric family SUV has received a boost courtesy of a more powerful and efficient electric motor, decluttered software and faster charging speeds. It also gets a few extra miles of range, which is always handy, while more power for the Enyaq vRS performance model makes it more entertaining in a straight line. 

We’ve been huge fans of the Skoda Enyaq ever since it launched in 2021. We regard the Czech brand’s first bespoke electric car among not only the best cars in its class, but as one of our favourite EVs full stop. 

Of course, competition in the family SUV segment is fierce, so to make sure the Enyaq remains in fighting shape against the likes of the Nissan Ariya and Tesla Model Y, Skoda has given it some upgrades for 2024.

Let’s start inside for once, because Skoda has listened to criticism and cleaned up the previously overloaded infotainment system. For instance, the climate control menu has been redesigned and the ‘Smart Climate Mode’ has been removed – where complicated functions such as ‘cool feet’ or ‘warm hands’ could be found previously.

Also new are the full-screen navigation map, and customisable buttons at the top and bottom of the central touchscreen. With new functions and simplified menus, the Enyaq’s tech setup is now much more coherent.

There are more changes hidden beneath the sheet metal. All but the entry-level model is fitted with a new electric motor on the rear axle that’s more powerful and more efficient, while every version benefits from battery and energy management software improvements. 

Given the lack of changes to the base car, stats for the Enyaq 60 haven’t changed that much; the 58kWh battery provides enough juice to cover 248 miles on a charge – three miles further than before – with power unchanged at 177bhp. 

The rest of the line-up gets more significant boosts in both power and range thanks to the new motor. So much s  that the other rear-wheel drive model, previously badged the Enyaq 80, has become the Enyaq 85. It uses the same 77kWh battery as before, but range has increased to 348 miles. Plus there’s now 282bhp on tap, which is 81bhp up on its predecessor – allowing the 85 to hit 62mph two seconds quicker. 

Similarly, the all-wheel drive Enyaq 80x has been superseded by the Enyaq 85x, with its range up by 11 miles to 328 miles. Total power output of its dual-motor setup is also rated at 282bhp. 

Skoda has also boosted the power output for the performance-focused Enyaq vRS version that we drove in the very snowy Bavarian-Austrian borderland. This version gets an extra 40bhp, bringing the combined power output for its two electric motors to 335bhp. With up to 545Nm of torque, the most powerful and fastest-accelerating production Skoda ever made has no trouble getting going, accelerating from 0-62mph in just 5.5 seconds.

The more direct and progressive steering and adjustable dampers keep control of the 2.25-tonne Enyaq vRS, allowing us to move impressively quickly up and down narrow mountain roads, with the electronic reins slightly loosened in ESC Sport mode. This setting is accompanied by a subtle electronic soundtrack provided by the sound generator. 

Meanwhile, the chassis manages to iron out imperfections in the road with impressive composure, although there are small compromises to be made if you go for the 20-inch wheels and low-profile tyres. It’s a shame there’s still no one-pedal drive mode available; the car recuperates properly when you want to slow down, but continues to roll at walking pace.

Charging speeds for the dual-motor Enyaq models have also increased to 175kW thanks to improved battery management and cell chemistry, so the charging curve should be more constant. Skoda claims it’s possible to go from 10 to 80 per cent in 28 minutes using an appropriately quick public charger. The Enyaq 60 and 85 can’t charge at the same speeds, but they do get a new battery preconditioning feature to ready the car for a rapid charge at the push of a button – or if you set the navigation to take you to a charging station. 

It’s worth noting that the Enyaq Coupe gets the same technical upgrades as the standard SUV, and because of its sleeker shape can cover a few miles further on a single charge. Upgrading to the more rakish coupe-SUV does cost roughly £2,000 extra though. 

Your eyes haven’t been deceiving you this whole time however, as the Enyaq hasn’t received any styling changes. That is unless you opt for the new top-of-the-range Laurin & Klement trim. This comes with exclusive alloy wheels, a different front bumper in Platinum Grey, chrome trim, and discreet grey badging. 

The Enyaq L&K also comes as standard with the ‘Crystal Face’ grille that’s illuminated by 131 LEDs, although that isn’t new and still won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Also reserved for the new range-topping model are, among other luxuries, ventilated and massaging leather front seats, available with black or beige upholstery.

Model:Skoda Enyaq Coupe vRS
Powertrain:77kWh battery/2x e-motor
Transmission:Single-speed automatic, all-wheel drive
0-62mph:5.5 seconds
Top speed:111mph
Range:336 miles
Charging:175kW (10-80% in 28 mins)
On sale:Now

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