Vauxhall Omega

Vauxhall Omega

Overall Average Rating - 85.35%Position in the Top 100 cars - 48th


Position in the Top 100 carsReliability: 80thBuild Quality: 52ndRunning Costs: 94thPerformance: 56thBraking: 66thRide Quality: 7thHandling: 57thPracticality: 27thComfort: 8thEase of Driving: 24th

Your Quotes

“Great value, as I bought it after it lost half of its value due to depreciation. Comfortable on the the motorway, and it offers a generous level of equipment.”

Mr Ian Kisiel - Leics

“The Omega is a great car for the money. The last of the big Vauxhalls and sadly missed.”

Mr Shane Godwin - Surrey

“Excellent solid car with low service costs.”

Mr Granville Bell - Flints

“Very good. Vauxhall stupid for not replacing it when it went end of life - the Signum is not a replacement.”

Mr Teifion Lewis - Moira

“Totally suitable to tow the heavy caravan with ease, extremely comfortable and easy to drive. Fast to accelerate and good on braking.”

Mrs Isabel Carrahar - Cheshire

“A very comfortable car, but as mine has the 2.2 engine and is a bit underpowered. I got mine at eight months' old and it was less than half the new price. I think it still looks good and it's a shame Vauxhall did not seem to have much faith in this model. The only thing I regret is not finding the extra money for an estate.”

Mr Chris Racki - Surrey

“Very comfortable. Reasonably economical for the size of car. Easy, but boring, to drive.”

Mr Eric Frith - Hampshire

“Excellent car and it has rear-wheel drive which is difficult to find now. For long journeys it makes for a comfortable, quiet ride which means that you do not get out tired at the end of the journey, unlike a smaller car. The model I have at the moment is very poor on petrol consumption, unlike my last Omega which was actually very economical for the same sized engine.”

Anthony Marsh - Sheffield

“Nice to drive, but expensive when things go wrong? Spacious and comfortable, I have not been disappointed with the car overall. The only major problem occurred when the crankshaft sensor needed renewing, but it took the service centre a few days to discover the problem. Otherwise I have only replaced the normal items, such as tyres, brakes and a new exhaust.”

Mr Kevin Shutt - N E Lincs

Manufacturer Verdict (Position - 28th)

Another year of bitter disappointment for Vauxhall sees it retain a miserable 28th place. While they continue to sell well, you say the firm’'s cars just aren'’t satisfying to own and drive on a day-to-day basis. Vauxhall’'s worst rating comes in the ease of driving rank, but other finishes are mid-table at best. It’'s a sad fact that the highest placed top 100 model –– the Omega –– is no longer in production.

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