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Most reliable family cars 2019

Looking for a reliable family car? We reveal the top 10 using data from our 2019 Driver Power survey

Need something practical and economical with enough room to carry the kids? Then you’re in the market for a new family car, and high up your list of requirements will be something that’s crucial to any car ownership experience but always tricky to determine - reliability. 

The last thing any motorist wants is being stuck on the hard shoulder but the whole experience just gets worse when you’ve got a gaggle of unhappy children in the back seats. That’s why a reliable family car is such a prized purchase and to help you find the right one, we’ve rounded up the most reliable family cars you can buy using data from our 2019 Driver Power survey. 

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There are no guarantees that any car will be reliable. However, reading about other people’s experience during ownership and knowing of any faults or issues is a good way to determine how reliable your new purchase will be after you have parted with your hard-earned cash. Using data from Driver Power, the UK's biggest car customer satisfaction survey, provides an insight into real-world reliability that you’ll find hard to match elsewhere.

Below you will find the top 10 most reliable family cars. Hatchbacks typically dominate the list, followed by saloons with this being one of the few lists not to feature a single SUV.

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Of course, it’s prudent to check any potential used car purchase thoroughly for faults or problems before buying. Just because a model type appears to be reliable, that doesn’t necessarily mean each individual car will be.

Driver Power 2019: most reliable family cars

10. Honda Civic Mk9 (2012 - 2017)

Driver Power reliability score: 91.09 per cent

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The ninth-generation Honda Civic has dropped from sixth to tenth this year but still holds a respectable 91 per cent reliability score. Only 12.8 per cent of owners reported the family hatchback going wrong, with a quarter of all issues being attributed to electrical defaults. 

9. Skoda Superb Mk3 (2015 - date)

Driver Power reliability score: 91.77 per cent

The Mk3 Skoda Superb is one of our favourite family cars and it seems buyers agree with us with its vast amount of space and endless practicality and the bonus of being a child-friendly. However, a high 28.8 per cent of readers reported problems, with electrical issues accounting for a quarter of them.

8. Volkswagen Passat Mk8 (2015 - date)

Driver Power reliability score: 91.95 per cent 

The Volkswagen Passat is now in its eighth generation and the saloon is still as solid a choice as ever. The Passat’s scores make it a strong all-rounder according to owners with the only chink in its armour being the rather dull exterior styling. 16.4 per cent of owners reported a fault with the interior being behind a fifth of all snags.

7. Mercedes A-Class Mk3 (2013 - 2018)

Driver Power reliability score: 91.95 per cent

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Given the reputation that German cars have great build quality, it is surprising not to see the Mercedes A-Class higher in the top ten. The premium looks and surprising value meant that the A-Class has proved a hit for Mercedes. Electrical issues were the cause of many complaints from owners but overall it scored above average thanks to a low number of faults.

6. Kia Cee’d Mk2 (2012 - 2018)

Driver Power reliability score: 91.99 per cent 

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The Mk2 Kia Cee’d (before the apostrophe was dropped) is an alternative to the European hatchback kingpins such as the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus and has proved popular with buyers. Despite its popularity and strong overall reliability score, over a quarter of owners reported the Cee’d going wrong, with electrical issues being the main reason.

5. Hyundai i30 Mk2 (2012 - 2017)

Driver Power reliability score: 92.05 per cent 

The Hyundai i30 is the second Korean model to feature here and ranks fifth with a score of 92 per cent.  Reliability is a strong point of this hatchback with only 9.4 per cent of owners ever having a fault with the car. The few reported issues were largely electrical related.

4. Volvo V40 Mk2 (2012 - 2019)

Driver Power reliability score: 93.42 per cent

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Volvo is one of few European manufacturers to make it into the top 10 and the car that did it is the Mk2 V40. The stylish hatchback scored well with owners for its safety, something which Volvo is well known for. Only 21.1 per cent of owners reported an issue with their V40, with suspension grumbles accounting 22 per cent of those complaints. 

3. Lexus CT Mk1 (2011 - date)

Driver Power reliability score: 93.99 per cent 

The first-generation Lexus CT grabs third place with a score just shy of 94 per cent. It kicks off a Toyota/Lexus lock-out of the top three top places. Only 7.1 per cent of owners reported ever having a problem with the CT and no particular area was recognised as more likely to go wrong than any other. 

2. Toyota Avensis Mk3 (2008 - 2018)

Driver Power reliability score: 94.34 per cent

The Toyota Avensis Mk3 takes second place in our reliable family cars list for 2019, despite the fact that 18.8 per cent of owners reported problems with the engine and electrical faults being issues for 30 per cent of owners. The fact that all three podium positions are filled by Japanese models shows that Japan is leading the way in terms of building reliable cars.

1. Toyota Prius Mk4 (2015 - date)

Driver Power reliability score: 97.43 per cent

The Toyota Prius has jumped up from its bronze podium position last year to take the top spot as the most reliable family car in our 2019 Driver Power customer survey. Toyota still manages to claim the top two positions this year with the Avensis scoring highly as well. The fact that Toyota is yet again at the very top end of Driver Power shows that it is a brand at the forefront when it comes to reliability.

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