Renault Megane RS - best hot hatchbacks

The Renault Megane RS is a strong performer that handles beautifully and looks brilliant too

Renault Megane RS Trophy - front static

The newest version of the Renault Megane RS was a long time coming, but it’s finally here and on first evidence, it appears to have been worth the wait.

Harbouring 279bhp and 390Nm of torque, the front-wheel-drive Megane RS is capable of 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds en route to a top speed of 155mph.

Renault Megane RS 2018 UK review

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Other than outright speed, the steering is very impressive: below 37mph (or 62mph with Race mode engaged), the four-wheel steering system tightens cornering, while above those speeds the rears will turn the same way as the fronts to aid stability.

It isn’t perfect of course: the system can be inconsistent at times and on 19-inch wheels, the RS can fall victim to ruts in the tarmac.

Other than some minor foibles though, the Megane RS is a cracker of a hot hatch, with a list price that represents decent value to boot.

Top 10 best hot hatchbacks 

  1. 1. Honda Civic Type R
  2. 2. Ford Fiesta ST
  3. 3. Renault Megane RS
  4. 4. MINI Cooper S
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  6. 6. Volkswagen Golf GTI
  7. 7. SEAT Leon Cupra
  8. 8. Audi RS 3
  9. 9. BMW M140i
  10. 10. Skoda Octavia vRS


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