Best hybrid cars on sale

Lexus IS 300h - front cornering
3 Aug, 2015 4:45pm Steve Walker

We round-up the best new hybrid cars currently on sale in the UK

Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular in the UK, and it's easy to see why: the barely-believable fuel economy figures and cheap car tax rates are a big selling point for these part-electric models.

So what exactly is a hybrid? Put simply, it's a car that uses a combination of a battery-driven electric motor and a conventional internal combustion engine (diesel or petrol) to move itself along.

Some hybrid cars use a small electric motor to improve the efficiency of a tranditional engine, while others use a traditional engine to improve the range of a large electric motor that powers the wheels.

These are the newest type of hybrid: cars that can be plugged in at home to charge up the batteries and then driven on electric power alone, but can still be filled up at a petrol station so there's no range anxiety.

Both petrol and diesel hybrid cars are available on today’s market and modern hybrids come in all shapes and sizes too. There’s everything from small supermini hybrids like Honda’s Jazz Hybrid to large luxury SUV hybrids like the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid.

So hybrid technology is proliferating across the modern car market but with so many hybrid cars to choose from, small to large, cheap to expensive, how can consumers work out which is best? Our list of the top 10 best hybrid cars on sale is here to help…

Top 10 best hybrid cars

These are our top ten best hybrid cars on sale now. Click the tabs on the top left of this page to find out about more about each model...

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