9. Ford Focus

Ford Focus
31 Dec, 2012 2:00pm

The Ford Focus has been a regular fixture in the UK sales chart for 15 years and the latest model isn’t going to upset that record. Its popularity is assured thanks to its sleek looks and brilliant handling, which puts the Focus in pole position if you enjoy the pure thrill of driving.

Competitive prices underpin the Ford’s success and the current model comes with a range of brilliant petrol and diesel engines. Star of the show is the 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol which delivers stirring performance with a characterful soundtrack, not to mention excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

If the Ford has a downside it’s the size of its boot, because the Focus is on the small side when it comes to luggage space, which may rule it out if you need to accommodate a large pushchair or buggy. The busy, button-heavy design of the dashboard isn’t universally popular either but interior quality is generally good and you’ll find the very latest safety kit on the options list, much of which is usually the preserve of much more expensive models.

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ive driven nearly all the cars tested above... and im sorry, this car might not have the badge but it is such a good car to drive, especially the 2.0 160bhp diesel... 100% deserves to be higher up the ranking

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