Best green cars 2014

Toyota Prius plug-in 2013 front action
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26 Mar, 2014 12:30pm Steve Walker

What are the best green cars currently on sale? Find out here...

In the future cars are going to have to get greener - and by that we mean more economical, with lower exhaust emissions and a smaller whole-life carbon footprints. The drive to go green is a major challenge for car manufacturers but the good news is that they’re already rising to it.

Electric cars, hybrid cars and advanced new petrol or diesel cars that take the good old internal combustion engine to new heights of efficiency; they all have a role to play.

Different car brands favour different green car technologies but the goal is the same: green cars that are kinder to the environment, cheaper to run and still desirable to consumers.

But what are the best green cars currently on sale? The choice is wide and growing, and with a wide range of different technologies at work, it can be difficult to chart a path through this area of the market. That’s where we come in.

We’ve plotted a list of the best green cars you can buy right now. This top ten selection of our top environmentally friendly models currently available takes into account the full range of the modern green car market from hybrid and electric to petrol and diesel.

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Best green cars: top 10

Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion front tracking
  1. 1. Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion
  2. 2. SEAT Leon Ecomotove
  3. 3. Vauxhall Ampera
  4. 4. MINI Cooper D
  5. 5. Toyota Prius Plug-in
  6. 6. BMW 116d  EfficientDynamics
  7. 7. Ford Fiesta ECOnetic
  8. 8. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  9. 9. Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion
  10. 10. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

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Quite amusing really to see the Golf bluemotion at number 1 then another VAG product at number 2 but not unexpected from AE. When did the likes of Toyota and Honda start putting high tech hybrids on sale and how long did it take the likes of VW Group and others to catch up?!

Toyota/Lexus Hybrids are now in their 3rd generation - they don't shout about it or get the credit they deserve. If it wasn't for Lexus doing Hybrids I doubt we'd see the the other premium manufacturers playing catchup.

There are no green cars in any of the photos in this list, and I somehow doubt that many of them even have green as a colour option. At least the BlueMotion Golf is some shade of blue.

The order of cars in the list is rubbish, and the inclusion of dirty black smoke belching diesels is ridiculous. CO2 is not the only pollutant that cars make.

Autoexpress may not be aware but Europe is waking up to the fact that a diesel compact or sub-compact can never be as clean as a petrol engined car or perhaps Autoexpress is waiting for Volkswagen Group to make their versions of Toyota Prius before this magazine rehashed it's so-called green car list?

Dirty filthy sooty diesels playing russian roulette with our respiratory health. Thank you for the carcinogens. Time to stop this lie that diesels are green. Regardless of CO2 and MPG, they carry diesel oil into our crowded town centre streets, then they burn that oil and emit their noxious gases within a few feet of where people are breathing.

These cars may be relatively economical, but green they most definitely are not.

Very true !!! Toyota and then Lexus are the original 'old school' hybrids that started the trend so much that BMW is using their technology !

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